Who is Jac?

My name is actually Jaclyn, pronounced by my family as “Jacelyn”, by Sam (my best friend) as “Jaslyn”, by most other people, even dear, “Jacklyn”.

Anyway, I turned 23 on 8 August 13 and am still working, yet dreaming to be a housewife, while opening a bakery, or blogging, or just chilling with my dog.

Food is my passion, but that only came about a couple years back. I don’t know how. But i think i was being influenced by my aunts, no doubt.

I think i would most probably become a cook when i retire.

My dream is to hopefully one day migrate to Australia or US, then retire in Italy. I shall not state any political views here. Hehe..

Anyway, i am very self conscious of my body, thus, i really care about my health. I started running in high school (long distance) but only got serious in Form 5. I did a few marathons, but kinda stopped because i had no car (not till recently for my bday! Thanks Akak Jean & Akak Jack & Ah Po!)

I’m pretty disciplined when it comes to my exercise, but not my food. I can go way off when it comes to food. I love it too much.

I am getting married in June’13, so looks and beauty has also become a bigger priority. That’s probably why you would see some changes on the blog if you have been following me previously.

Food and beauty, and everything else will be on this blog now, with reviews, and other musings which come across my mind!


3 thoughts on “Who is Jac?

  1. Thanks for stopping by my site. I appreciate it. I’m not sure if April has been by your site yet but I know she will like it. I’m glad you like the name of my site. Keep coming back please. If I didn’t say it before, Happy New Year!

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