Benefit BADgal waterproof liner


I bought this waterproof liner when I was beginning my collection. And here’s my review.

I got the one in Espresso colour from Benefit @ 1 Utama. The colour was fine when I tested it. However, as I’ve been using it lately, I realised it’s not really obvious, and it’s quite light. I’d have to go over my eye a few times before getting it visible. Waterproof wise, yes, it doesn’t smudge on me like a few liners i’ve tried,i.e., Nutrimetrics (I got it free from an event) and Silky girl. 

Also, it gets blunt very fast, either that, or I’ve never used eye liners this often before. However, when you sharpen it, i realised that the tip actually gets broken. when I touch the tip, it’s shaky now. Like how you would sharpen your normal pencil, and you can pull the tip off because it’s broken.

I bought this before really starting to review the products I buy. Now that I’ve started, when I’m done with this liner, I might go with Urban Decay, I try out Rimmel.



Waterproof & smudge proof


Light color & breaks when sharpening