Dim Sum Kitchen @ Damansara Uptown

I got the job! I’m super duper happy. I’m starting in May (which grandma’s not so happy about) but at least, I have a job. But the unfortunate thing is that a company that I REALLY REALLY wanted, and submitted my CV for, called today for an interview. But the branch is too far for me. Plus, a bird in hand, is better than none!

We had lunch at Dim Sum Kitchen at Uptown Damansara (it’s the same row as HSBC)

I have to say, their Cantonese style mee hoon (RM5.80) is one of the best. Unfortunately, we forgot to mention fish only, but still, i loved it!


My fav is the bihun which is super crispy. Also, they don’t drench it with the gravy, so it takes a while before it becomes soggy. Thus, I can enjoy the crispiness. The gravy is a tad thick, but still tasty.

This shop also serves up economy rice during lunch time and it gets sold out pretty quick. We were there about 1-ish, alot of the dishes were gone. I had to have some veggies, so this is what i had for RM2.50


Curry potato (with chicken, but I didn’t take any – lent), spinach – slightly too old, and fried egg!

a happy lunch because of the good news!



All my meals were out of home today. Kind of disappointing, because I do like to have a home cooked meal sometimes, but it didn’t mean the food wasn’t good!

Breakkie was at McDoodles – blame the BF (and the voucher!)


All this for RM5.25? Where can you get that? I had the eggs, a muffin and of course, the hash brown (one thing good about blogging, i know realise I have an uneaten apple pie in the fridge)

Lots of banking issues tackled between breakfast and lunch. Meaning lots of headaches. Which led to a healthy lunch at Be Lohas. I really have been wanting to try, and the only person willing to do so with me is the BF. I got a set lunch while the BF got Hailam Rice.

My Nasi Lemak set came with an enzyme drink and vege soup. the drik tasted like apple cider to me.


The BF’s Hailam Rice


I think that’s pumpkin tofu. To me, his dish didn’t look that appetising..


I liked my nasi lemak though. I love the rice. Red rice I think. The taste.. it’s so… nutty, i guess. I love it, even more than brown rice. I’m definitely getting red rice the next time around! the cabbage salad was way too healthily bland for me. Some sort of dressing would’ve been nice. But I found that mixing it with the rice, made a good bland of crunch and taste. The sambal was good. Of course, to me anyhing with onions = good. Sweet and teeny but spicy. The “chicken” was really good. Not too fibrous. Plus, there is no coconut milk / santan in this dish!

Be Lohas,

Uptown Damansara (same row as Tong Kee)

Came home and had a quick nap. We went to the night market to get some fruits and:


Nonya One sambal! Gosh, it’s been an uber while since I had this. So difficult to look for it, and now that I found it (RM12 now compared to previous RM10) I’m gonna be having this in everything!!!!!! Sweet, spicy, crispy and NOT OILY!

I had to have this at dinner @ Yook Tho Yin @ Uptown Damansara. Shared a Cantonese Yee Mee with gramps.


The noodles were quite crispy, but a bit thick for me. The sauce was good. Plus, we had lots of fish since we asked sliced fish only! Yum!

Tomorrow is D-day! Make it or break it at the interview. God help me.



Fusion Restaurant @ Uptown

Came here last Saturday for dinner. The place looks quite posh from the outside, but it’s quite traditional inside. the prices….well.. those were “posh”, if you know what i mean.

Anyway, Akak Carol ordered some fried rice, but i’m not sure the name of it.


It was a tad salty according to her, but i kinda liked it. lots a prawns!!


If i’ve not mistaken, i think this is foo yoong style egg. I love it how they can make it so brown!! yum!!!kinda small portion for RM13 though..


I chose this dish! Akaks were bugging me to choose a chicken dish, and i think i have a new love for butter (no good!).. so i chose butter chicken after finding out there was no skin on it.

yum.. omg. i think i could’ve eaten all the buttah!! and the chicken was quite nice too.. abit of skin, i ate it anyway.


Seng Kua Tofu.. i had a piece. it was quite nice and fresh!


I call this mixed veg, cos i don’t know what it was called. It was ok. nothing to shout about. i’m not too fond of mixed vege..


Brinjals! Need i say more??? oily though..

Imagine.. all these, (note: simple dishes) came up to RM120 + including tea..

So expensive. and it’s not like we ordered fish or anything…  i may or may not come here again, but i def think it’s too pricy..

Food: 7/10 | Price: 6/10 | Ambience:7/10 | Service: 7/10

55-57 Jln SS21/60,
Damansara Utama,
46300 Selangor
03 77273282

Headed for some froyo after dinner @ Tutti Frutti


Strawberry and vanilla! yum!!! love the oreo.. this one cost us RM15.90.. so sad that the RM2 promo no more!! 😦

Address: No.11, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur


Sukico Hainan Cafe @ Uptown D’sara | Tutti Frutti @ TTDI

I have skipped me lunch post cos I’m still awaiting some pics from sam (my cam was too full!) Anyway, so i’ll jump to dinner @ Sukico!!

After pyramid, it was such a rush as i ran up to change and left with gramps for mass. Today, there was double collection for the Haiti earthquake too! Means more manpower!!

Dinner was at Sukico Hainan Cafe which makes it my 2nd time here. (see 1st)

I quite like the food cos it reminds me of home cooking..


Grandma ordered a Hainan toast and got at it before i could even say “wait!”. She liked it alot and it reminded her of the good ol’ days. Well, as for grampa, he likes anything when you put butter on it!


Akak Carol got a Sang Har Sang Meen (Prawn noodles!)

I think it’s RM15.90. Can’t remember. so many prawns.. i had a few 😉

Quit nice as they give alot of prawns and the noodles are crispy.


Grandma had a Fried mihun, but didn’t want the vege, so i helped her with the vege (plus my food took a really long time to come!)

Grampa ordered a Grilled fish fillet, asking for fries with it. but i think this place has a different meaning for fries. =.= Grampa was shocked when he saw only two, plus they kinda look more like wedges

So we asked for more, and they gave us 3 more.. in a saucer….sigh..

Akak Jean had some Fried mee (but no pic!)

I had a Mushroom omelet which i also had the first time. i know. i’m boring.


But i told you, i have an addiction to fried eggs (cept sunny side up).. i gave the sausage to grampa, and had one extra “fry” as i asked for more fries..(they could only spare me one)

I liked the egg, quite fluffy! And lots of mushrooms.

The potatoes are totally home cooked, reminds me of what grandma used to make!

Food: 8/10 | Service: 7.5/10 | Price: 7.5/10 | AmbiencE: 7/10

(Located on the same row as Public Bank)
#26, Jalan SS21/39,
Damansara Uptown,
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7728 8381

And no, we weren’t full.. =.= So much so we headed to Tutti Frutti @ TTDI for dessert!

Really expensive yoghurt place, considering it’s DIY.. i know, makes it seems fun, but i think it’s a secret agenda to reduce costs of labour! haha!

RM5.30 /100g, and when you don’t know how to pull the lever to fill your yoghurt cup, you may overfill and your frozen yoghurt would have cost you a RM14!

Mine did but since it was a weekend, if you are above 100g, then you get RM2 off!


I chose the vanilla flavour! It was awesome!! Really tasted like vanilla ice cream, but you know it’s not so detrimental to your health!! So good! but totally expensive.. sigh.. but this is the only frozen yoghurt place in malaysia so far.

I topped mine off with some oreos and marshmallows!! so sad that the marshmallows kinda disappointed me.. but i totally love the yoghurt! they should come up with an oreo flavour! And i won’t mind returning here often!!


Gramps shared a vanilla flavour! topped with weird jelly. lol..

Nom nom nom!! Grandma was shocked at the price.. Well, nothing these days are cheap..

Food: 8/10 | Price: 6/10 | service: 7/10 | ambiencE: 7/10

Tutti Frutti @ TTDI (near KFC and Ayamas)
No. 11, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-7725 2101


Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day people, though i’ve already opened my presents on Xmas 12am! I wonder who really opens their presents on Boxing Day? I wouldn’t have the patience.

Dear got me this mini coffee pot.. Since he knows my obsession with coffee. but he didn’t know it was for iced and thought it was for hot coffee. but no worries dear, i love iced coffee too!

This is what i got from the family..


Akak Jean and Akak Carol bought me the my most favourite cereal on earth! Nothing beats Cheerios for me. I’ve one Cheerios crunch and another Strawberry yoghurt burst. Can’t wait to eat them but i’ve got to finish my cereal stash first, and stock up on milk.

Akak Carol finished her present me and dear bought her! Hagen Daz coffee ice cream.

Anyway, back to boxing day eats..

Me and dear woke up kinda late, so dear had breakfast on the go. He was heading for his flight back to Bintulu, Sarawak. Won’t get to see him until the 30th evening. And he’s working on 31st and 1st.. 😦

Went to Subang Airport-i think i almost cried when leaving him. I’m just so used to seeing him so often now.

Drove back the car.. and i had some Oat bran for brekkie!


about a 1/4 cup of oat bran with 1/2 cup of milk + water.. and half a naner..

This is my first time.. i thought it was ok.. my honey stars kinda softened cos was talking to Akak Jean before eating. The oats weren’t sweet enough.. and oat bran is very different. it’s grainier than oats. Next time, i think i want to stir in some PB, and see how it turns out!

We took Max to the vet because he has been biting at his thigh so much so that there’s small patch. He was so excited in the car! Hilarious!

Turns out its some bacteria that causes it to flare up. But everything should be fine after some antibiotics and spraying of the blue film to prevent flies. But he seems to be rubbing off the blue thing all the time!

Came home by 12! Time flies! And had a Honey maid before i ran.

I know, i’m sick, yet i ran. Boy, it wasn’t easy as i had difficulty breathing.

Lunch was at home since we weren’t planning to head out.

Just an unpictured PB and pumpkin bread (I totally forgot to snap a pic.. i think it’s cos i wasn’t feeling too well)

Studied.. lazed around..  Took a nap..

Soon it was time for church, though we did wait till the rain kinda slowed down.

Church was ok, but it was darn cold, either that or a fever was coming.

Headed to Lammeeya in Uptown Damansara for dinner with Akaks.

The menu here is more extensive than the Lammeeya in 1 Utama.

I didn’t take much pics.


Grampa had this mushroom Chee Cheong Fun..

I had a soup..


And a plate of vege. The soup was alright, quite a lot of lotur root inside..

The rest had lam mee, and gramma also tried the char kuey teow.

Overall, i think this place is OVERPRICED for such food. The food is not to say wonderful. The drinks.. juices are like RM8.80.. A cup of milo is RM5.40. It’s more expensive than McDonald’s and i think this is outright daylight robbery.

I doubt i would come here on my own again cos i don’t really care for their food.. And they brought us the wrong food-though there was BARELY anyone there. and most of their new dishes are “not available”

Food: 7/10 | Price: 4.5/10 | Ambience: 7/10 | Service: 6/10

Lammeeya @ Uptown Damansara, Same row as HSBC

I totally regret telling my gramps i went to the doc. I thought they would think, “wow, what a great boyfriend you have. Taking you at night, and paying for the bill”. But instead, they think i’m not relying on them anymore.

The reason i don’t want to tell gramps i’m sick is cos when gramma takes me to the doc, she’ll tell me, “why you fall sick? How can? How come? Waste my money? You’re so expensive to upkeep!”.

I bet if anyone told you that, you wouldn’t want them to take you to the doc. And when i told her that reason, she called me “ungrateful”… =.=

I was kinda stunned. All this while, i’ve been trying to lighten her burden (money wise) by going to the doc on my own, buying the medicine on my own… but yet, she calls me ungrateful.. i don’t understand..

what a way to end the night.


Balanced dinner

Let me start off with breakfast…

After sending dear off i went back to bed.. was still quite sleepy.. got up at about 730pm.. had a quick brekkie for my workout.. no more un-fueled workouts!

coffee and bar

Coffee.. and Roasted almond crunch Kashi TLC.

Not pictured-slather of Skippy Honey Roasted PB on the bar! So delish, and some nuts..

Updated de blog..

then got to my workout.. Run-stiups-weights-leg toning

Had a prune.. and some pear after the workout..

Somehow, time flew, and before we knew it, it was 12.. Of course, in between, was some tv, one accounting question, and dilly dallying.

After deciding not to go to KL on a friday lunch hour, we headed to Village park in Uptown Damansara for lunch..

Tons of people. and turns out, they had expanded. They took over the next door shop which was previously a Pan Mee shop. I guess the Pan Mee shop wasn’t a success.

Apparently, they claim (and i’ve heard) that they have the best nasi lemak in Uptown.. So grandpa tried today. RM3.50

nasi lemak

I wanted some of the brinjals, but someone took all.. and grampa only got two. so he gave me one! Both of us really like it cos it’s not TOO spicy. Don’t know why, but grampa didn’t finish the sambal. He thought it was ok only. I really thought the sambal reminded me of the ones my school sold.. hehe.

Gramma ordered lontong.


The bean-ish sambal topping was good! so was the curry. i ate ALL the vege from the plate! 🙂

Gramma also ordered a fried chicken to share.


I AM so in love with the fried bits. oh so good!

The chicken was also juicy + tender! yum.

Inclusive of drinks, the bill came to about RM16.90..

Food: 8/10 | Ambience: 7/10 | Price: 7/10 | Service: 6.5/10

Village Park Restaurant: 5, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400, PJ, Selangor. Tel: 03 7710 7860

After lunch, we went to 1 Utama, with intentions of starting Xmas shopping. but none done cos we were lost, and hoping that we could start when the mega sales start-which i don’t know if it even will.

Walked around a bit.. couldn’t decide for anything. so we dropped by “I love yoo” for a bit of yau char kwai..


Ma Keok and yau char kwai RM1.40 each. White coffee-RM2.80..

The ma keok was yummy. ALL of it is yummy! BUT SO UNHEALTHY.

sigh.. but life is to be enjoyed isn’t it?

Went home after more walking about. Bought luncheon meat + corned beef to be cooked tonight, only to be DISAPPOINTED that dear’s reaching here only at 10!!!!! i actually slammed my keyboard typing that.

Did some more accounting, and prepped my lonely dinner.


The sweet taters were leftover from gramps brekkie. I placed it in the oven hoping it would turn into sweet tater fries. It was HORRIBLE. A horrid bitter background taste. I tried to eat the last one, but i had to spit it out.

Frozen edamame in the microwave-i love that it takes a while to eat it.

Some scrambled eggs with onions!

I feel my dinner is so balanced. hehe..



Half an apple-the other half was no good.

With some PB!

Hehe. i’m off to my assignment now.



Sukico Hainan Cafe

Yesterday’s mass was conducted by Fr. Simon Labroy.. wondeful speaker. and i actually understood his sermon!! And funny too..  I find that usually, Indian priests are quite good at their sermons..

After mass, we headed to Sukico Hainan Cafe at Damansare Uptown/ Utama to meet Akak Jean & Carol for dinner. I have not been there before, but Gramps had.


The coffee instantly gave me a good impression about the place..


Hailam Char, they call it. RM2. Reasonably priced compared to RM2.80 at Old Town where the portion is smaller. The coffee was good, to me at least. Grampa didn’t really like it.

We had to wait quite abit for our food cos there was a big group which came before us.

I got a breakfast set.. i know.. it’s dinner.. but i love breakfast!



Mushroom omelette with chicken sausage..

  • I really wonder how they make the chicken sausage so soft. Microwave? I don’t know. But i would have loved if it had some charred marks on it.
  • The coleslaw was quite good. Not too laden with mayo.
  • Baked beans were normal.
  • The omelette was quite delish. I love eggs! And that was alot of eggs when i see it now.
  • The potatoes were very authentic. I can tell they’re homecooked, which you rarely get nowadays. Many places just use frozen ones. Only thing is that two??? At least 4 la!!! lol

Next up was Akak Carol’s and Ah Kong’s chicken chop w/fried rice.


  • Chicken chop was quite good. crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. But i THINK it was skin on the outside. so for the health conscious, you won’t get to enjoy the crispy part!
  • Fried rice-According to Grampa, it was really good!
  • The gravy tasted almost similar to Dave’s Deli’s.


Akak Jean and dear (who came later) had Grilled fish. Akak Jean had no coleslaw (she didn’t want) but dear had..

I didn’t try cos i was quite full.. but Dear gave it “75%” when grandma asked! lol


We ordered this to share..Hainan Mee (Grandma had Hainan Mihun which i didn’t pic, but looks similar to this).. Twas alright. not really a fan of chinese noodle dishes.. unless….


The noodles are crispy like the ones in this Sang meen.. RM15.80-quite pricey. but i love the crispy noodles, and the prawns!!!

I also had “Andy’s super premium Mocha Almond fudge” ice cream. lol.. they were promoting that. RM3.50 pr scoop. was quite nice. but nothing beats hagen daz!

Overall, the food was quite good, but pricy-the bill came to RM101..

Food: 8/10 | Coffee: 8/10 | Ambience: 7.5/10 | Price: 6/10

(located inside Suki Baking Goods. Located on the same row as Public Bank)
#26, Jalan SS21/39,
Damansara Uptown,
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7728 8381