Saturday’s dinner was at Gyuniku @ Sri Hartamas. Sort of a beef noodle place. But since my only favourite noodle is tang hoon, a.k.a. mung bean noodles, I had some popiah instead.


This is the regular popiah (chicken) for sharing. (RM 4 for two rolls)


Salad popiah (beef) for myself. (RM4 for 2 of these). It was alright. Too much cucumber – I’m not a cucumber fan. Mince beef was scarce. Flavour wise was alright, mayo and the beef was.. sweet-ish. I would’ve preferred if it was the dark sauce type.


The family had lots of this. Kuey Teow with a side of either beef balls or beef tendons (RM9) a bit on the high side. Soo Kee in KL would’ve been much better and more reasonably priced.


This was the star of the night for me though. White carrot and red carrot in beef soup. I only took the pic when I was half way through, so there was actually double this amount for RM3.50.

This place is alright, but it’s price could be blamed because of its location I suppose. Sri Hartamas… where rental is most probably high.

Gyuniku Beef Noodle House
No. 20 Jalan 28/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur
No. 20 Jalan 28/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas