Hi there!

I was PLANNING to wakeup a bit early to go to the park, but sleepiness overruled.

Thus, breakfast was heated up.


Had a peanut puff from Puff garden at Uptown Damansara. Full of ground peanuts! I burnt it abit though, still good. I have to refrain myself from overbuying pastries for breakfast now since I have some cereal to finish at home!


I invested in some Starbucks coffee! This bag cost me RM33. I love nuts, so I guessed I would love this flavour. I requested that the grind half the bag for me so that I can use it for my french press. I’ve been using it over the few days, but forgot to feature it. It’s nice, nutty-ish. Not too strong though. I prefer stronger beans.

I did a run at home since I missed going to the park. While watching Criminal Minds 3 – I get nightmares after watching it, but I still love this series, even more than CSI!

Lunch proceeded with a salad, a scone and an intended yoghurt.


Salada was some butterhead, cherry tomatoes and baby carrots. Butterhead lasts well, thus I prefer it to romaine. Had me salad with some ketchup and homemade dressing. Ketchup is the way to go if you’re lazy like me. 😉


I omitted the yoghurt when I started chomping on my scone. Figured since it’s a cheddar vegetable scone, it had some form of protein, and it was pretty filling. I got it from the Loaf!


I reheated it in the microwave, then the oven, it was a bit soft. I’m not sure if it’s my fault fr reheating it, or the Loaf because it was soft inside, which I don’t think that’s what a scone is supposed to be. I think it’s supposed to be almost biscuit like and crumbly. Instead, it was cake meets bread texture. The texture was a real let down, but taste-wise, it was good. Cheese and vegetable!

And now, I shall proceed to some blog-reading, and maybe clean my room? We’ll see. 🙂



All my meals were out of home today. Kind of disappointing, because I do like to have a home cooked meal sometimes, but it didn’t mean the food wasn’t good!

Breakkie was at McDoodles – blame the BF (and the voucher!)


All this for RM5.25? Where can you get that? I had the eggs, a muffin and of course, the hash brown (one thing good about blogging, i know realise I have an uneaten apple pie in the fridge)

Lots of banking issues tackled between breakfast and lunch. Meaning lots of headaches. Which led to a healthy lunch at Be Lohas. I really have been wanting to try, and the only person willing to do so with me is the BF. I got a set lunch while the BF got Hailam Rice.

My Nasi Lemak set came with an enzyme drink and vege soup. the drik tasted like apple cider to me.


The BF’s Hailam Rice


I think that’s pumpkin tofu. To me, his dish didn’t look that appetising..


I liked my nasi lemak though. I love the rice. Red rice I think. The taste.. it’s so… nutty, i guess. I love it, even more than brown rice. I’m definitely getting red rice the next time around! the cabbage salad was way too healthily bland for me. Some sort of dressing would’ve been nice. But I found that mixing it with the rice, made a good bland of crunch and taste. The sambal was good. Of course, to me anyhing with onions = good. Sweet and teeny but spicy. The “chicken” was really good. Not too fibrous. Plus, there is no coconut milk / santan in this dish!

Be Lohas,

Uptown Damansara (same row as Tong Kee)

Came home and had a quick nap. We went to the night market to get some fruits and:


Nonya One sambal! Gosh, it’s been an uber while since I had this. So difficult to look for it, and now that I found it (RM12 now compared to previous RM10) I’m gonna be having this in everything!!!!!! Sweet, spicy, crispy and NOT OILY!

I had to have this at dinner @ Yook Tho Yin @ Uptown Damansara. Shared a Cantonese Yee Mee with gramps.


The noodles were quite crispy, but a bit thick for me. The sauce was good. Plus, we had lots of fish since we asked sliced fish only! Yum!

Tomorrow is D-day! Make it or break it at the interview. God help me.



Sunday blues

After a good workout, I had lunch with gramps @ SS2 Hong Lim Teochew porridge shop.


Grandma was daring to order the fish, which thankfully cost RM5.50 only. Once, we ordered one which burned a RM15 hole in grandma’s wallet!


Brinjals – This time around, it wasn’t too salty = good.


Choy poh (preserved vegetable) – yummy especially when eaten with rice. Not salty actually, rather sweet.


Choy Koek (another type of preserved veg – too sour for my liking


Tofu and Salted vegetables.

Total came up to RM22, I guess we expect these kinda prices for teochew porridge. At least I had my brinjals to enjoy!

We went to Giant to check out the good deals they had – Shower foam refills for a dollar and toothpaste for a dollar! But they were gone by the time we were there. And it was only afternoon. Giant should make sure they have sufficient stock when they want to have such promos!

Anyways, I went to Borders @ Curve to wait for the BF to get off work. Sadly, he missed the 4.30 bus, and I waited for another hour for him. Magazines and lattes make great company!

When he finally arrived, we went to KRR – Kenny Roger’s Roasters. I wanted to use a RM 5 voucher I go from the new “B” Card.


I had me a Quarter meal with Corn & Carrot, Garlic Parsley Potato and Garden Pasta salad. it didn’t really meet my expectations, as the chicken didn’t taste that good. The meat itself, I would say, wasn’t well marinated. The corn and carrot was good. But the other two sides disappointed me. The potato I felt would have been SO MUCH better if it was more caramelized. I saw brocs in the pic of the Garden Pasta Salad, but none in mine! 😦


Dear had the same but different sides. Banana muffin and vanilla muffin which we took home.

The best best best part of the night was:

Lecka-lecka! I had Orero’s flavour, but I miss the Famous Amos flavour. Sadly, I thought the Mystyle promo was still on, but I bought the voucher, and turned out that Lecka-lecka had cancelled it, but Mystyle didn’t take any action.

But ice-cream makes anyone happy! Especially eating with the one you love.


yogurt parfait

Yogurt + Granola =


I used a French yogurt, which name I can’t remember. The BF brought is back from his flight. I think it’s Elle & Elle, something like that. I’ll promise to take i down the next time around because it’s soooo good. Creamy and the right amount of sweetness, plus, sugar is not the first, but around the fifth ingredient on the list unlike other brands. Sadly this would set you back about RM5 here in Malaysia. I layered it with some Buckwheat granola which I found from KERF!

Perfect mix for textures!


Had me half of this Cafe Vanilla I got from Coffee Bean after topping up my Coffee Bean card. Yummy, but nothing beats freshly brewed.

Hit the treadmill after two hours, and thus, lunch.


If you noticed, I missed my post for yesterday’s dinner, but here’s a glimpse. White carrot (known as parsnip) soup with free range chicken. Made with love by grandma. Yum. Orange carrots added would have made it even better! I had this small leftover bowl for lunch.


Of course, you need a balance of carbs and protein. Bread sticks (Bread was Low GI bread from Baker’s Inn which I love as it is delicious, healthy and RM4.20!!) slathered with Kaya (kind of the Malaysian version of coconut butter, except that it has eggs!), on one side, and i flipped it and spread it with margarine. You see, I realise that whenever I spread margarine or butter on my bread, and top it with another spread, I can’t taste the “fat spread” which I think wastes the idea of even putting a “fat spread’. Thus, spread the bread both sides!

A scrambled egg. It was too sweet for me, I think Nesvita’s milk (I’ currently have) is a tad sweeter than the regular, which means it’s not too good for scrambled eggs, but fine for french toast.

Off to church soon!



I had oodles of noodles for lunch today. 🙂

I followed gramps to lunch after my workout. We went to Kayu @ Aman Suria, where I reckon they serve up one of the best Maggi Goreng.


Yum.. Maggi noodles with egg, tofu, vege, and indian “kueh” (which I don’t fancy) topped with house-made fried onions. It is so good that it doesn’t come from a packet – onions, i mean. Fried with a really strong “maggi” flavour. Noodles flavour was totally there.


I couldn’t resist a Nescafe tarik, but sadly, they gave it to me over ice. Oh well, a cold drink for a hot day then! Their kurang manis, is manis to me. Can’t imagine what their regular nescafe is like!



Grampa settled for Nasi Kandar with Fish and Vege (RM6.50). The curry was good, and spicy. I didn’t try the rest, but Grampa finished it, which is a good sign 😉

Came home, lazed around as usual. These are the kinda days when I feel I REALLY should get a job. BF’s flight is delayed, so it’s 8.22pm now, and he’s just on the train back. but dinner will probably be around 930 only because we’d have to go get his car after I pick him up.

I really pity anyone who has an aircraft engineer as a bf. sigh. I pity myself! lol!


Salad wraps

I was never, ever, fond of salads. Especially raw salads. I’m fine with pasta salads, potato salads, and once in awhile, really good gourmet salads. But salads I make at home never seem to work. But yesterday, when I wrapped my corn beef with butterhead lettuce, it worked! So lunch today, I tried it with eggs.


Scrambled eggs. Splash of milk, salt and pepper, and some dried parsley which I don’t think made a difference. However, I found that if I do eat ‘em like this over lettuce, I shall do it sans milk, as milk for me lends a sweet tone to the salad + egg mix, which I don’t really like. Yummy cherry tomatoes and carrots with some Planter’s PB. Of course, more was consumed straight up!



Reason why you’re seeing this bread often is because I’m trying to finish it. I bought it awhile back from Joy Bakery @ Taman Megah, and left it in the fridge. So since I have bread & kaya to finish, I’d have it together. Smile


I think I go through phases, where like I’m obssessed with nuts, for one month. Then I’m obsessed with eggs, then coffee. I think I’m obsessed with dessert now. For some reason, I feel like I need dessert after my lunch and dinner! But it’s all good! All-Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie from Crabtree & Evelyn. 😉



I had a french toast for lunch!


At Old Town in Puchong. After breakfast at McDoodles, me and the BF went to Puchong to have a lookie at the Wharf by Bolton. A condo by the lake. Me thinks we are going through with it but not to stay though. The showroom looks good but the one we picked was smaller. We took quite a while and after deciding, we went for lunch at Old Town.

French Toast was… meh.. Too oily + syruppy. I prefer the one at Yut Kee. Which sadly, they are moving.

Coffee was ok, for Old Town’s standard.

We went to the bank and had some trouble with the outstanding balance of the bf’s loan. And I realised, it’s time to organise the BF’s receipts. He is too messy.

Dinner was prepared when we got back.


Wanted something uber quick, so I whipped up some corned beef (Libby’s the best!).

Corned Beef


1 can of Libby’s corned beef

1 BIG onion

1 egg

4 cloves of garlic

  • Brown onions. Add in the garlic when the onions are cooked.
  • Add in corned beef. Mash’em up real good.
  • Make a well in the centre and add in an egg.
  • Turn up the heat to cook the egg. Slowly stir the sides of the well so that the corn beef slowly mixes in with the egg (kinda like making pasta).
  • When the egg is fully cooked, mix it with the rest of the corn beef.
  • Serve

I used the corned beef with mixed peppers. It was a bit on the sweeter side, so Grandma didn’t like it much. I was fine with it though.


Quick stir-fry of “Siew Pak Choy” or “Bok Choy”. Some garlic, oyster sauce and chicken stock. Super easy!

The lettuce is there so that I can wrap it around the corn beef and eat! Yum! such a good idea since I rarely get in veggies into my body (as seen during lunch).


“Peach”. I’m not sure if it’s an actual peach. I got this from the market, and it was selling real cheap. RM10 for 15 or so. The taste is definitely peachy, but the texture is more plum-ish. Can anyone tell me what this is?

I’m off to watch the Supernatural, and may have a dessert of Flourless Hazelnut Chocolate Cake. Smile