Quaker Instant Oats

Sorry for the two day MIA. Was the weekend, plus dear was around. 🙂

Anyway, i decided to have oats for breakkie in sat.. and tried Quaker instant oats which Akak Carol gave me to try some.


Second ingredient is sugar though..



Add a half cup water only apparently..


Nope, it doesn’t look like the picture. But it tasted fine. Calorie wise: 130 cals, quite ok considering i’ve seen some going for 200 cals.


Too watery though.. maybe 1/2 cup is too much. i think 1/3 cup would’ve been better. I topped it off with some Mornflake Oat Crunchy Granola.

Would i eat it again? well, maybe if someone buys it for me. cos i think it goes for about RM25 here in Malaysia! Tax Tax Tax.

Had my first mandarin of the new year as snack!!


Zugar! lol.. yes, that’s the “brand”!

nom-ing through looking for info for my UMP title..

Lunch was @ Restoran Gafan, a claypot rice place from Cheras, which opened a branch in SS2.

Came out in the Star, so that’s kinda how we knew about it.


I started off with a lotus and peanut soup. Ok… frankly, i think it was sad that there was only 2 pieces of lotus root, and very little peanuts. RM4 per bowl. The soup flavour was there, plus it was very dark. Quite nice, but too little lotus root/peanuts!


We decided to try a large claypot chicken rice with chinese pork sausage (RM14).

It was really good. But lucky we ask for extra sauce cos though we did, i still thought it wasn’t enough. The chicken was tender, though some were breast meat. And i love love love the crusty bits! It wasn’t burnt, till black. but it was brown, and crispy (not hard!!)

The lap cheong (chinese sausage) was soft and tender too!!!

Really good. Will definitely come back again.. Though it IS one of the more expensive claypot chicken rice. Plus, it took kinda long to come (but maybe better that way cos they put effort into their cooking!)

Food: 8/10 | PricE: 6.5/10 | Service: 7/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10

Restoran Gafan
11, Jalan 20/13,
Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya.



I feel terribly stressed over my UMP (undergraduate major project). My supervisor has high expectations for us. and now i wonder if i had chosen the right topic. Sigh!!

Breakfast was cereal.. i miss cereal.. so i had cereal..


Cheerios.. i wish i could eat it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

And All-bran for pumped up fibre!

Worked out on the treadmill, tried to do 2 intervals of 10 and 11 mins.. do i feel better? well, it feels “less time” but those were very tiring intervals. i still love and miss running outdoors.

Met Sam and her mom for lunch @ Nonya Colors 1 Utama.


Didn’t really know what to eat but i knew i wanted to up my protein post-workout. so i ordered half boiled eggs which took quite a while.. while my toast with kaya (and butter!! I didn’t know!! I ate it anyway..regret cos i totally didn’t taste the butter! must request for no butter next time) and Red bean soup! yum! Love the hong tou sui here cos it has lots of big red beans!!!

Passed sam her nga ku..

UMP class was stressful for me cos i kept thinking of my topic..


Rained heavily and was all wet!


Had a snack of half a peach and 5 cherries (i know, though not fresh, it IS fruit!)

Dinner was @ shiang Hee.. (We’ve run out of places to eat!)


Fu Yung Tan (Egg in Foo Yoong style).. RM6

Very fragrant and delish!! nom nom nom!! onions!!!


Apparently this is called paw choy. i don’t know it’s name is english though but it’s yummy and biteable for grandpa.


Sweet and sour fish (Fei Chau RM15). So crispy. i could even eat the fins!!! And the sauce is almost addictive!

Shiang Hee’s dishes never fail me! but i think it’s getting a TAD pricier. 😦

Food: 8.5/10 | Price: 7/10 | Service: 7.5/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10

Shiang Hee Seafood ‘Tai-Chau’46 Jalan 8/62A, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong, 52200 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone +6019 326 8782


Sushi, my love

Wow, i’m amazed that nowadays, after sending dear off to work, i still can function and stay up from 6 instead of falling asleep.

Had a quick preworkout snack of Coffee + Honeymaid and Skippy PB. I was planning to have my brekkie early, but my stomach didn’t wans something heavy.

Workout was the usual, but i’m getting weaker.. and me don’t know why. I plan to start on whey soon.. Anyone has any advice?


Breakkie was another coffee-i was sleepy (i tend to feel sleepy this days by mid afternoon! Even when listening to a lecture.. wait… that would be normal if the lecture is boring though.)

And an overnight oats w/cranberry!

2nights before:

1/4 cup oats, soy milk and natural yoghurt + some cranberry jelly

This morning, Hawaiian Oat Crunchy (Mornflake).

Nom nom nom.. eaten with PB Skippy, will just make any oats better!!!

Yum.. headed to E&G class. how fun right.. learning about Reciprocity, and fairness. wow..and the great part is that i don’t actually know how to place the theory into the answer..

anyway, met pik san and svun for lunch @ Sakae Sushi!!


Soft shell crab crepe. Personally, i thought this was quite nice today cos the soft shell crab was crispy.. Pik San thought otherwise. But i heart it!


This is pik san. being annoying! haha! I also had a kakiage.. times 2!!!

It’s been so long! too long! i miss it. but kinda made me jelak. the first order was huge. but the second order was only half! 😦


Svun got this.. mango soft shell crab.. RM12.90!!!

Pricey! but i still think Zanmai beats Sakae for those really nice looking sushi, but Sakae beats Zanmai for the conveyor belt ones.

Sadly, yesterday, sakae’s service was not that good as food took really long time to come. too many people to handle i guess.

Food: 7.5/10 | Price: 6.5/10 | Service: 6.5/10 | AmbiencE: 7/10

Sakae Sushi, 1 Utama


We went for ice cream, on svun!!!!! She spent us ice cream for reasons i shall not state here. 😉

I had a vanilla yoghurt ice cream. Since tutti Frutti, i’ve been craving for vanilla!

The one on the right is pik san’s peppermint!

Yum.. aTe and licked while watching the awesome lion dance show.


I think me and pik san can have heart attacks while watching this. there was a stunt, where a kid was involved, the kid fell, but they caught him! the crowd was in shock!!

Then it was SMA class.. which was alright, less talking about “other stuff”. Totally SMA focused. which almost made me fall asleep. But the lecture ended a half hour early though!

Went home… after some lazing around, decided to have some fruit.


not fresh. cos am out, but i always do keep some canned just in case.

Admiring the vaio…

And loving the iphone. Thanks mom!

but at this moment, i’m having trouble syncing it. 😦


Didn’t have dinner till 9 cos wasn’t hungry and was waiting for dear. not the vaio brochure is there to hint dear, but i don’t think he even looked at it. =.=

We had Tuscan bean soup by Tesco’s light choices! yum.. kinda on the sourish side today. but i seemed to taste everything sour today. i think it’s my tastebuds.

Also some Tesco (yes, i’m obssessed with imported stuff by Tesco cos they’re good and cheap-er) crispy potatoes. not crispy anymore though cos we didn’t eat it immediately.

And 2 sunnyside ups for dear. i have mastered it! woo hoo!

That’s all for yesterday! will update later!


Day before doomsday

Why, you may ask, is 24th Jan 2010 Doomsday? It’s the day before 25th Jan.. and 25th Jan is doomsday. it is doomsday because YEAR 3 of my degree starts!!!!!!!!!

Sigh.. 2 weeks is WAY to short for holiday… but i have no choice. I can’t rewind, or demand for longer hols. i just have to bear with it..

Sunday’s eats were pretty normal. I was supposed to workout after my breakfast of half a walnut and oat tart from John King


However, Akak Jack dropped by (not knowing Akak Jean was gonna do the same) to see Grandma. So i kinda hung around too long chatting, so missed my workout as they said they wanted to head out for lunch when i wanted to workout.

We headed to Teh Tarik Place for lunch since Grandma suggested 1 Utama.. Bad decision as it was a Sunday but Thank God we found a parking lot!!!!


i got 2 plates of vege RM2 each. A sambal brinjal- i heart this. Very delish and well cooked. And some beans which were kinda spicy and undercooked to me. i think i like beans which are softer.


Gramps shared a mee goreng, which would’ve been better if it was spicier, but we had to request for no chilli for the sake of grandma’s tums.

After lunch, me and Akak Jack walked around and she bought me 5 pieces of clothes for CNY from Kitschen!! Yay. CNY clothes, checked! Thanks Akak!!!

Met up with Akak Jean and had drinks at Little Cravings and we went back home.

I was contemplating if i should workout, and eventually, decided to do so.. Happy that i did too!

Dinner was @ Pappa Rich since Akaks gave us some cash to have a nice decent dinner..


Ipoh Kuey Teow with chicken and prawn which tasted better than i expected. I normally dislike this dish, but it turned out that the soup was quite tasty..


i had half boiled eggs as i figured it’s be good as my body would be having a high-absorption rate after the workout + protein=good for muscles!!

Came home and had an orange. i’m trying to go for a fruit a day. but i still realise i REALLY LACK of vege in my diet.

Finished another half season of the Mentalist. So sad. no more mentalist. no more one tree hill..

but i have twilight book and harper’s island waiting!


Fullness to the max

i was so full i didn’t even think about food when i went to the night market!

walked around and got some fruits.. and other necessary items. The sight of food didn’t tempt me.

Got back home and had a healthy orange..



Did some nut stash with these!!


Sam bought it for me from Aussie! So touched cos totally didn’t expect it!! Love it and 750 g saves me a few months of roasting cashews. But to avoid just eating cashews, i mixed it with some almonds!

Lookie what we have now!




Weird meal…times


yesterday morning, breakfast was kinda… not there.. lol.. Drank half a cup of milo at 5 something cos dear couldn’t finish his. i went back to bed. then waking up at 9 ish, had a piece of


Watched tv… online-d before workout.

Workout was much better then previously. but i don’t know why i can’t last long on the treadmill no more. NEED to improve me STAMINA!

Anyway, kinda lazed around quite a bit after workout, as after i finished, it was time for lunch..


Had only half of this washington apple as i don’t like washington apples, and it ain’t sweet


Tesco light choices soup (Vegetable) with 2 pieces of PBed multigrain roll from Patisfrance.

Also a dessert of choc.. 😉

And left to meet Sam at Pyramid!!!


It’s not coffee


With cheerios around, i just feel like i have to have it everyday. but i think dear’s sick of cereals for mornings, so i think i either need to buy some bread or start making oats for him. ;p

Woke up at 10! which feels so wonderful yet piggish! Been ages since i woke up so late!

Worked out after watching tv after breakfast. I’ve been really unproductive lately, but i guess that’s just how you are when you’ve just gone through an exam an know that your sem break is only 2 weeks.

I worked out at about 12! Finished doing everything by 3..


Was too lazy to whip out the frying pan, so i just had 2 pieces of multigrain roll w/PB and a persimmon. Along with a cincau milk (dear made recently with cincau (grass jelly) and Ideal evaporated milk! )

And some nuts..

I’ve been having late lunches lately due to me late workouts..

Grampa came back from his eye checkup at about 330pm.

Between dinner and then, i fit in 1 and a 1/2 movies.

Shaggy and Save the last dance 2, both which i have watched before. I’m like on a movie marathon lately.

We went out for dinner @ Hong Lim Teochew Porridge, SS2


Just simple dishes. My fav is the brinjals and tofu. Though i could do away with so much oil from the brinjals. The salted vege was sour. i don’t get it. Section 17’s one is nicer.

Hong Lim Teochew Porridge: No. 183, Jalan SS2/24, 47300, PJ

We WERE planning to go grocery shopping since grandma will be at home the next few days. she’s going for her eye op (cataract). Please pray for her! Hopefully everything’s fine.

Went home to SYTYCD! It’s Season 4! I know the winner though! Josh! But i just wish Katee could have been second place cos i heart her!

Ooo well. Dear came over at 10 ish cos he had a hard day. Hopefully he won’t have to move section which he doesn’t really like.

Meeting Mommy sam tomorrow at pyramid. yay!