Eve of Chinese New Year Eve

I won’t be seeing dear till next friday.. 😦

Well, more time to focus on the proposal i guess (which my lecturer thinks im making too big a deal of)

Before fetching dear, i had a coffee and a bar to go!


Oh, it’s this new quaker bar! Strawberry vanilla! just by the name, i had to get it, though i know that the ingredient list won’t be too… readable. Anyway, taste-wise, one of the better quaker chewies i had. i mean, it’s not overly sweet like the few i had last time (which made me avoid it). I find bars which say 90 cals only too sweet, but this was better than expected. Not much vanilla taste though. I would buy it again for on-the-go breakkies.

Lunch was at home:


2 pieces of leftover Tulip luncheion meat with 2 slices of breakthru bread. yum!

I headed to One Utama before finally going to college. gosh, i’ve never seen such an empty college. everyone was going back for CNY, so i was like the first one there!

Grandma finally came back from the hospital. Thank God! The op was quite complicated + her BP shot up.

She’s fine now, and we’ve God to thank.

Dinner was at Pappa Rich


I had a tea with my Equal. I find Equal works better with tea than coffee..SDC10791 

And shared a char kuey teow with grandma.

We are so running out of things to eat! =.=



I’m so sick of eating at Aman Puri.. that today, though i followed gramps to Anuja for dinner, i ended up having a Kashi bar.


Had this through out the day

Well, only cashews and almonds, cos that’s what i baked

two tangerines.. one chocolate biscuit dessert..


Not all.. just a spoon of Starbucks coffee ice cream..

And yes, i didn’t take any pics during dinner cos they were kinda random foods.. Sources of the images above are linked. just keep on the pic, k?

I’m off to read.. maybe watch tv.. then read


Restoran Wei Yip @ Aman Suria

Gosh.. i’m so relieved to have a first morning without waking up and having the first thought about EXAM! It’s so over! Until my classes start again on 25th, which sucks. Year 3, here we come. Final year project-i so dread it!

Anyway, it was chore day.. was planning to run first, but i guessed i might as well get the chores done first.

Breakfast was.


Coffee and part of a carrot cake and 1/4 of a red bean and cream cheese from Patisfrance.

Akak Jean came.. and chit chatted.. till i did major cleaning upstairs

  • vacuumed the room of the home-invaded ants
  • changed the curtains
  • mopped the floor
  • hand washed clothes which needed to be hand washed
  • washed the toilet

Phew.. i think that’s all.. lol..

by that time, it was 12 pm.. wasn’t hungry, but had a honeymaid as pre-workout fuel.

Ran.. boy, it’s been a long time since i worked out. 2days is a long time for me cos of the exams.

Glad i did! But i finished by 3 cos between the honey maid and workout, there was the mentalist. 🙂

Didn’t really have lunch, but had a K Time Twist and a persimmon.


Went for mass..

And dinner @ Wei Yip @ Aman Suria.

This place, Pik San has talked about before. Has some celebrity who i do not know advertising for them. Apparently, the chef is Madam Lee. Seriously, i don’t understand why bother telling the chef’s name cos there are many madam lees around. anyway, to the food- btw, the waiters (or people who come and take your orders) are most prob the owner’s sons, are not bad looking. 😉


Chicken with pumpkin and potatoes

A very unique comfort dish not found often. I mean, where in malaysia can you find pumpkin and potatoes in a chicken dish! It’s comfort food! Usually cooked at home, and now for all the lazy buggers like us, we can get it here. It’s quite nice. Kinda like a stew, and i heart pumpkin!


Another unique dish cos it’s hardly ever heard of.. curry spare ribs. Quite good.. Grandma loved it and cleaned out the curry. But i don’t think her stomach was doing well at night, cos it has santan (coconut milk) which her stomach doesn’t handle to well


Kangkung Belachan! This was a favourite! So good and flavourful!! Yum!!! And not overly spicy like the one i had in Duck King.


Indulgent butter cream chicken. It would have been so good with mantou. But still delish on its own. Crispy. but sadly, we thought there was no skin (cos the waiter told us no skin) but there was, and i just ate them. Its tough to take the skin out, plus without the skin, it’s just not as good!! You lose the crispiness.


Assam Fish- i think it’s kembung.. I like the brinjals. And they deep fried the fish first, so it was crispy!! Yum!!!

Food: 8/10 | Price: 7/10 | Service: 7/10 | Ambience: 7/10

32 A-1, Jln PJU 1/3D Sunway mass commercial centre

Wow.. so stuffed.. but after this, we walked over to the nearby Murni.

I had a Pineapple special.. but service wasn’t so good. i think the roti canai took over 45 mins. too many people! Hope it doesn’t become like the SS2 one though.

Came home to “Management” starring Jen Aniston! Funny. but kinda boring. =.=


Homemade Fish and chips

had a solid 9 hours of slumber!!! Yay..

yesterday morning. breakfast. old town.

I had my usual Nanyang Kopi C and..


Let’s do the twist!! I’m trying to dwindle my bars. so i had this kellogg’s K time twists though i don’t like things which are soft baked (even i like to toast my bread)


Dear ordered a Mee Jawa along with his Xi Mut Milk Tea. I like these kinda gravies.. Sweet and tangy. And you needn’t guess who had all the nuts and fried onions. 😉

Came home, did some cleaning in the house. Marinated fish for lunch.

By the time we finished cleaning, i prepped for lunch at 1230pm..

I marinated a big slice of dory fish with S&P, oregano and sesame oil-i love sesame oil in EVERYTHING

Then 1230pm came, tossed Simplot fries into the oven..

Prepared a bread crumb station for the fish.

Fish-flour-egg-breadcrumb (mixed with more oregano & S&P)

Pan fried it with quite a bit of oil so that it would brown evenly.


That big piece of dory fish looked very little after i sliced it. 😦

I kinda added too much salt, but it’s actually quite good. hehe. maybe more sesame oil next time around.

So dear fried 2 bulls eye egg.


Fries came out of the oven and totally not oily!! Yay. But being not deep fried, it was a tad dry + hard. but i don’t mind since it still tastes quite good plus it’s not oily.


some greens for the meal.. Edamame. i love these, even without salt, it’s delish.

satisfying + balanced lunch ended with,


a papaya which i’m sure will help the food travel along my bowels. 🙂

after all the food, we did some studying, but he upstairs, me downstairs. i’m so screwed for IB!!!!!!

i watched some tv too while studying. no good.

510pm we prepped to go for mass.

dinner was so hard to decide.. we finally had it at Asia Cafe, SS15

Dear had a bento set.. shared with me a plate of oyster and button mushrooms(RM7.50) from the Mushroom King stall.


Ok, i know i swore of deep fried food. but how often do i go to Asia Cafe to eat this?? so yummy and the batter is PERFECT! I wish i could use it for my fish.


some real food from the economy rice stall-potatoes and brinjal + 4 angled beans. I remember eating from this stall when i used to attend Taylors.

Dessert was not hard to decide!!! Happy beans of course.

While waiting, dear had a small cake we bought from RT Pastry House


Surabaya cake-very compact. quite nice. but too heavy for me. This RT Pastry house is quite famous, as when you go in, the little shop has a lot of people. The cheese cakes look delish, but pricy. RM13.50 for a small “log”.

RT Pasty: 86-G, Jalan SS15/4D, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor-0356216758

And then our desserts came.


No, i didn’t share this. hehe. i love it. my smoothie chin cao was with yam, green bean and large red bean. Happy beans, open a branch in PJ/Aman Puri!!

I love the sweetness from the sugar (i think some kind of brown sugar) and the creamyness from the milk cream. and i love that they let you choose your mix of topping. The cin cau texture is so much like tofu fah!

Do i even have to rate this place? hehe.

Fine.. i will..

Food:L 8.5/10 | Price: 7.5/10 | Ambience: 7.5/10 | Service: 8/10

Happy Beans Cafe: No.46, Jln USJ 10.1E, 47600, UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor Tel: 03 56212688

Happy beans made me happy.




Gosh. I totally panicked this morning! I forgot to reference The Starbucked book which i used so much for my assignment!!!! Had to reprint- reburn the cd- rebind by ourselves!

Thanks to Pik San for bringing me a cd and helping me bind, i managed to finish! Thanks!

And also Sopna for lending me 30cents from her account to print!

And also dear, cos i kacau-ed him on his way to gym to get me two extra cds.

Ok.. away from havoc. FOOD! hehe.

No workout since dear was around. Went to Old Town in Aman Puri for brekkie.


my fav Nanyang kopi C (RM3.20).. and dear.


His Nissin noodles (from the breakfast set). i seriously think the previous nissin was nicer! now it looks, tastes, and smells like Maggi Mee. 😦


I had this.. of course not all the garlic toast . I had the sides.. and the Kashi TLC bar-lots of bars in the house that needs finishing!!

Dear took me home so my gramps could take me to college..

IB-havoc. let’s not discuss that.

Lunch : BBQ plaza.

Dear was late as usual.. talking to his neighbour o.o (find, i admit his neighbour is quite pitiful, but you can always find another time to talk, no?)

Anyway, we just started on our own first.


Pik San and Svun’s pork set (RM13.70) after tax. Lots of vege!


Soft shell crab.. i think the oat crumbs is just a disguise to hide how LITTLE soft shell crab there was-especially for RM9.90. I think even Sakae is more worth the money!

Finally, when we finished, dear came. and pik san and svun left soon after! lol..

Verdict: based on my soft shell crab

Food: 7/10 * | Price: 5/10 * | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 7/10

*I was really disappointed with the portion

BBQ plaza, 1 Utama, New Wing (upstairs from paddington pancakes.

After lunch, i got me a Coffee, and we did some shopping until we lost track of time. Wee, it was cos we were indecisive..

It was nearly 5, and dear was supposed to go to work at 520!

So he had a quick dinner and i had a Rotiboy in the car..

Straight to the house-bathed-off to work, while i followed my gramps to Restoran Anuja..

I wasn’t in the mood to eat, so i just tried some of their food.


Granma ordered a mee goreng, 2eggs… the guy somehow brought us 2 mee goreng with 2eggs each! lol.. Thank God the owner was kind enough to take the noodles back

The mee goreng itself was quite good. but i would really want to try the maggi goreng one day. but although 2eggs were in there, it was all mixed up and no big pieces. 😦

 Food: 7/10 | Price: 7/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10 (what can we expect from a mamak?) | Service: 7.5/10

NO 2-31, JALAN 1/1, DESA AMAN PURI, KEPONG, 52100 (603- 6280 4205)

Came home to “So you think you can dance” and bed.


This looks familiar

Yesterday’s eats were so similar to last Thursday’s! At least for lunch and dinner!

Pre Workout: coffee + half a K Time bar

Workout: The usual.. run.situp.lunge.weights.

Brekkie was on the go..


Gramps fetched me since my class was only up to 11.. so i had a Kashi bar, knowing lunch was soon.

BPC-alright, past year theory questions scare me. i’m gunning for the practical!

Lunch at 1 Utama-Carl’s Jr


Grampa wanted to try the hot dog + grandma wasn’t hungry.

So we had the combo set, thus the fries.

yum! this time much better cos i think they just made it! Fried zucchini! (RM5.50)


Combo was RM11.75. Granda was stuffed with this baby! haha. he said it looked small. but was real big, and real good too!

Walked about hunting for presents.

went to Little Cravings for a snack though no pic!

Came home.. studied.. onlined. assignment-ed.

Can’t believe grandma was hungry! I was kinda full already and didn’t really need dinner. but we went anyway cos i needed to drive them. Grampa wasn’t feeling all too good.

We headed to Pappa Rich..


Gramps shared a char kuey teow (RM8.90), of which i stole some.


Toast & Kaya (RM3.80). Best eaten immediately. the toast soften by the end of our meal.


Pappa Cham of mine (RM2.80)

I always forget i dislike cham. i find coffee mixed with tea just plain weird.

I had Omega Soft boiled eggs..


They didn’t make it as perfect as last time. Today, the yolk was not as undercooked as i would like it to be.

Bill came up to RM28 something. pricy, but it’s clean and has good char kuey teow!

Food: 7.5/10 | Price: 5.5/10 | Ambience: 7.5/10 | Service: 7/10

Pappa Rich-Aman Puri:

No 3-1A, Block 3
Jalan D2/2, Desa Aman Puri Kepong
52100 Kuala Lumpur



Moon Steamboat

K Time Twist for breakfast. And a “cappuccino” during brekkie at Fu Shan Coffeeshop near my house. Dear was sick of Old Town, so we skipped it.

He sent me to college. Now, i just get the feeling he loves me less? I don’t know whether i’m thinking too much or just imagining.

Anyway, class was great cos i got to rant out to Pik San. Thanks for being so patient and listening to the crap though i know it’s not something everyone would want to hear.

Mommy Sam, wish you were here..

Anyway, IB was ok, it was a revision class..

AFA was our last class!! Exam on the 7 or 8 of Jan! So screwed cos there’s so much theory. The reason i took Accounting and Finance was so that i wouldn’t have much theory to bury my head in, but turns out, i was so wrong!

Anyway, lunch was with dear. Though i was so tempted to tell him to go to the new Murni mamak in Aman Suria, he immediately decided to go to Sunway Damansara without asking me. Sigh. He did ask me, only upon reaching Sunway Damansara. Oh well.

We went to Neighbourhood coffee shop for lunch (late)


I settled on some vegetarian food. MAybe i should stop vegetarian mixed rice cos it’s VERY oily. I chose two types of brinjals, one type fried with fake luncheon meat (which really tasted like luncheon meat), and the other on its own.

The other one is some form of sweet and sour meat. Nothing wonderful.

Went to service dear’s car.. RM150 hole in dear’s wallet.

Went for daily mass..

Dear wanted to try some korean steamboat but we didn’t really know any good place, so we ended up at Moon Steamboat in SS2.

Mostly cos the lady told us that there was a 50% promo on the Happy family set which normally cos RM65.50.


Dear got a Sea Coconut with Red Date drink (RM4.50 or RM4.. can’t remember)


You get your own personal “pots” which is cool.. i chose drunken herbal soup..


They use an electrical stove. which makes it much safer.

They had a “tub” of fried onions on the table for you. With oil though.. but i requested for more without oil! It was heaven for me! hehe


Ok, to tell you the truth, i think it was 50% off cos the fish wasn’t fresh, and the crab wasn’t fresh, so they had to get rid of it. Cos they really weren’t fresh.

The fish eye is red. not good. but what was bad was the crab which had a fishy smell.

Everything else was fine. The mushrooms were cute and nice. hehe. mussels and lala not too bad.. This set is supposedly for 2 adults and 2 children. I think it’s ok for 2 adults cos not much noodles were given. Only a portion of mihun.

Some other stuff: Seafood Tofu, white tofu, vege..

My soup was too herbalish for my liking. But at the end, it was wonderful cos after cooking everythin, the soup becomes sweet. Plus i added lots of garlic and fried onions!

Overall, it was ok, but disappointing with the freshness of the fish and crab. I would only come back if there was a 50 % off. plus, i think Yuen is more worth it. Yuen is RM20 ish, and buffet. The bill here came up to RM40.

Food: 6.5/10 | Price: 7/10 * | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 6.5/10

*If there was no discount, it would not be worth it, at all.

Moon Steamboat Restaurant Sdn Bhd: No 23 G, Jalan SS2/67, PJ, 47300, Selangor Tel: 03 78774903/04

Next door to King’s Confectionery.

We came home, and i had two prunes and a couple of nuts. Gosh, i feel like i’m eating non-stop.

I still feel dear is not normal. lol. He says he’s stressed about his family problems. sigh. i guess i should be a good and supportive girlfriend then.