Claypot Chicken Rice

Saturday dinner was @ Restoran Gafan.. When we reached, there was lots of people seated and waiting for their food.. so it would mean OUR food would come even later. well it eventually came..


Deep fried beancurd (RM10). I didn’t really like it cos the texture was strange. Too crumbly..


Claypot chicken rice with salted fish.. Akak Carol and Jean ordered this too (me and dunstan shared this).

I realised that the way they cook it is the rice before the sauce. so it kinda makes the rice at the bottom not filled with the sauce. 😦

I just realised i didn’t take pic of anything else. but we did order a plate of vege, two more claypot rice..

It came to RM80!!! So pricy. plus i didn’t think it was very ABSOLUTELY nice. it was ok. again, i didn’t like that not much of my rice was covered with sauce.

Food: 6.5/10 | Price: 5.5/10 | Service: 6.5/10 (food was slow) | AmbiencE: 6/10

Restoran Gafan
11, Jalan 20/13,
Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya.


Noodle Shack @ Ikano

1/Note: the night before’s dinner, i didn’t post anything cos it was a repeat of the previous  day’s lunch of mushroom fried rice. 😉

I heart my cereal.. and i’m to lazy to make anything else..


1/3 cup all-bran, the rest of the 3/4 cup was filled with Cheerios! yum. though the cheerios was a tad corny.

Had a 10 minute run until grandma bugged me to play mah jong with her.

after that i had a 11 minute run again.

Lunch was pretty late. about 2pm.. I used up what was left of the fried rice and a tad of salad with Hellman’s dressing



Stole some of grandpa’s eggs he cooked. hehe. it was actually for himself with his porridge, but it smelled so good. so i had some!! 😉

Soon after, akak Jack came by. and we left for a walk about Curve.

Dinner was @ Noodle Shack, Ikano.

Akak jack suggested since she LOVES it.


Grampa had Traditional meen fun kou. (aka pan mee)

I tried some, it was quite good but i still think there’s a shop in klang which the meen fun kou is much beter. This one here is a bit too thick for my liking.. The ingredients were quite fresh though.


I had fish balls, RM6.90 plus an egg RM1

it was not bad. very authentic as they weren’t perfectly round. Rather more like fish paste. The soup was alright. i don’t know, but i just felt that something was missing. can’t put my finger on it. 0.0

Overall, food was not too bad, but i guess i’m not too big a fan of pan mee, and normally just tag along.

Food: 7/10 | Price: 6/10 | Service: 7/10 | Ambience: 7/10

Noodle Shack, Ikano power centre



I feel terribly stressed over my UMP (undergraduate major project). My supervisor has high expectations for us. and now i wonder if i had chosen the right topic. Sigh!!

Breakfast was cereal.. i miss cereal.. so i had cereal..


Cheerios.. i wish i could eat it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

And All-bran for pumped up fibre!

Worked out on the treadmill, tried to do 2 intervals of 10 and 11 mins.. do i feel better? well, it feels “less time” but those were very tiring intervals. i still love and miss running outdoors.

Met Sam and her mom for lunch @ Nonya Colors 1 Utama.


Didn’t really know what to eat but i knew i wanted to up my protein post-workout. so i ordered half boiled eggs which took quite a while.. while my toast with kaya (and butter!! I didn’t know!! I ate it anyway..regret cos i totally didn’t taste the butter! must request for no butter next time) and Red bean soup! yum! Love the hong tou sui here cos it has lots of big red beans!!!

Passed sam her nga ku..

UMP class was stressful for me cos i kept thinking of my topic..


Rained heavily and was all wet!


Had a snack of half a peach and 5 cherries (i know, though not fresh, it IS fruit!)

Dinner was @ shiang Hee.. (We’ve run out of places to eat!)


Fu Yung Tan (Egg in Foo Yoong style).. RM6

Very fragrant and delish!! nom nom nom!! onions!!!


Apparently this is called paw choy. i don’t know it’s name is english though but it’s yummy and biteable for grandpa.


Sweet and sour fish (Fei Chau RM15). So crispy. i could even eat the fins!!! And the sauce is almost addictive!

Shiang Hee’s dishes never fail me! but i think it’s getting a TAD pricier. 😦

Food: 8.5/10 | Price: 7/10 | Service: 7.5/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10

Shiang Hee Seafood ‘Tai-Chau’46 Jalan 8/62A, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong, 52200 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone +6019 326 8782


Bread, break, more bread

I’m really beginning to like Patisfrance’s extra healthy bread. i love it’s softness. and though bland on it’s own, perfect with toppings! Esp PB!!


Had toast with PB on the right for breakkie after my workout..

And on the left was my lunch, with cheese.. didn’t toast it cos i was planning to have it on the go..

instead, i had it at:


yea.. Starbucks borders! Was planning to drop by Tesco for some milk and vege, but grandma called wanting to get her hair cut, so i waited for gramps at borders!

Bread, cheese, and a caramel latte!

After accompanying gramps, i went to Tesco, somehow spend RM40 more than the allocated RM30.. sigh.. STOP SPENDING!!!!!! but i really bought necessities though.

Got home, did some “studying”, watched idol..

Left at 7 for dinner at Shiang Hee. We’re seriously running out of places to eat.


Got a Hokkien Mee. I thought it was better than Andy’s but gramps like Andy’s more. Only one prawn though.. 😦


brinjals!! Belachan!!! yum!

I seriously think the kid over charges me with this. when i come here without the owner’s kid doing up the bills, the owner charges RM6. then when i come here when the kid does the bill, he charges RM8. He’s 10-12 years old btw.


Also ordered a bowl of fish head mihun (rice noodles). The fish as bland, but i think the sweetness must have gone into the soup cos grampa was raving about how sweet the soup was. They also think Andy’s fish head noodles are better.

Food: 7/10 | Price: 8/10 | Service: 7.5/10 | ambience: 6.5/10

Shiang Hee Seafood ‘Tai-Chau’46 Jalan 8/62A, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong, 52200 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone +6019 326 8782


Wonders of cereal, specifically Cheerios.


Cheerios cheer me up.

Cheerios wake me up

Cheerios + All-Bran = Tastiness + Healthiness (if there’s such a word)

In all, cheerios, i love you.

Ok, i know. totally lame, but it totally wake me up especially at 6 in the morning after sending dear off!

6-8 was spent blogging & surfing.

worked out..gosh, been long since on the treadmill. ok.. one day off the treadmill feels long.TO ME.

11am: E&G class.. wow.. theories.. they all seem to mean the same. social responsibility. social development. why bother? can we all be morally good. there needs to be a theory on how to be good? Geez, what a way for the authors to make money.

Half an hour break.. really sucks. so short. so i had to bring my own food..

but i did have something from the cafeteria, which btw, smells.


iPhone pic. sorry. it’s just strange to take out my cam in the cafeteria. hehe.

The top is the sweet and sour cabbage i made on sunday. Didn’t bother to nuke it and it was perfectly fine. just that i kinda made too much. one head of cabbage? that’s alot!

The bottom is a strange concoction costing me RM0.70. It’s brinjals with anchovies???? As in ikan bilis anchovies. lol. Weird i know. the ikan bilis was not so nice cos it was chewy and hard to bite. I like the brinjals though.

I also had a slice of Extra healthy bread (from Patisfrance) with kaya, didn’t toast it this time, and it turn out super soft and tasted great!!!

Next class FM.. omg.. i totally was about to fall asleep. i don’t know why.. lack of sleep? whatever it is, i seriously felt like i was about to close my eyes!! –.-

I totally forgot Monday was a public holiday. I was stuck in the home area where i park!! Imagine, jam in a neighbourhood?

And i was planning to go 1 U, not knowing everyone else was heading there cos of PH. Sigh..

But thank God, somehow, i found a parking!! Ran some quick errands and went back home!

Came back, i managed to laze around till dinner time, about 6-ish?

Had dinner at Yap Fong Bak Kut Teh in Aman Puri. One of the few decent places without having to cross the toll.


We call this the white one.. meaning the bak kut teh with soup.. the soup is good. very herbally. and this time around, the pork was really soft!!


This, we call the black one. It’s actually just cookd differently, and it’s dry. with dried sotong, chillies and ladies fingers. Yum.. very fragrant, and i liked this bowl cos we requested for lean meat, and they did give us lean meat!! YUM!


Dried beancurd and deep fried dough on the side!

Yum, at least something for a change.

Went home and met dear (he got off work early).

See ya’ll later!


Oven baked fries

Came home from college after SMA and took a “nap” with dear. inverted commas cos i didn’t really sleep.

Got up and did some gardening till quite late.. about 730pm..

I got cookin’ while dear bathed.


Top left is bok choy.. easy to cook.. with a sauce mixture of:

  • chinese cooking wine
  • chicken stock granules
  • fish sauce
  • salt
  • oyster sauce

I topped it off with some sesame oil but i couldn’t really taste it. 😦

Top right: oven baked fries

believe it or not, that’s four spuds there!!!

Chopped them up, tossed them in salt, oo and parsley..

In the oven at 190* for half and hour or so.. didn’t get crispy though. How to make it crispy? someone tell me!!!

Bottom omelet with onions! ONE big yellow onion! why is it brown? i kinda added too much soy sauce.. so i did add some milk and water too. Weird i know. but it was nice. 🙂

boy! i was full! Shouldn’t have eaten so much considering a heavy lunch too!! 😦

Anyway, that’s all for the day.


what’s cookin’?

Lunch was at home.. something simple i cooked cos dear was studying and prepping for his exam.


Hormel Pure foods Chinese luncheon meat. Just sliced it up and baked it at a 200 degree oven. really tasted like chinese luncheon meat. we didn’t finish all cos it was too much.. got for leftover lunches or dinners


Vege with pacific clams and abalone mushroom

Dear said i cooked it wrongly and should’ve used high heat all the way and added water last. I was terribly insulted though cos he said “i know it’s not going to be nice by the looks of it”. I mean, i know if it’s not nice, you could at least say it after you’ve tried it. i was hurt cos after slaving over cooking, well.. not slaving, but putting effort, the dish gets condemned before even a first taste.

For the seasoning, i eye balled amounts of cooking wine, fish sauce, salt and abit of chicken stock cube, and sesame oil (more is better for me)


Oven-baked breadcrumbed abalone mushroom.

Uber easy by breading it with a mixture of breadcrumbs, oregano and salt.. put on a oiled aluminum foil and toss it in an oven of 200 degrees-i did it together with the luncheon meat. Watch it till its cooked! Yum!!

Grandma’s bp is not good. it’s like 200 something. 140 is like the borderline of bad and good. and now it’s 200 something. The docs can’t explain why.. so her op has been postponed till… someday. hopefully her bp will go down soon as she’s really wanting to get this op with before her eyesight worsens.

We weren’t sure whether to visit grandma at the hosp as we weren’t sure if she was doing the op. and i just found out she isn’t cos her bp is really high. but she may have to stay there another night. 😦