Geylang Lor 9


Breakfast today: Blueb morning as I was in a hurry. Delish breakkie when you’re in a rush. But sadly, it’s one of the fastest compared to oats. I down it in record time since it gets soggy fast! Sad smile

Today is my last day @ work! Said my goodbyes to my colleagues with the cookies I made! There was practically no work today. Everyone’s not in the mood for work anyway, since it’s Merdeka (Independence) day tomorrow!

Lunch with the BF was at Meng Tuck Vegetarian Restaurant.


It’s not exactly restaurant style. But it sure serves up good vegetarian economy rice. They have lots of varieties, and it’s good to come during lunch, and after 5.30 since that’s when the food is just cooked! They have about 20 varieties, and offer brown rice (but I’m not too happy about the rice as they don’t seem brown enough to qualify for brown rice to me).

Brinjals (Most front)- It’s cookied with some kinda black bean sauce, along with peppers and beans. Yum!

Beans, peanuts, tofu (Back right) – This is home-cooked food which you can’t find outside. You definitely don’t find this often as it’s difficult to cook. Sad to say, it lacked preserved veges (choy poh) which makes the dish!

Old long beans (Back left) – Though this is super simple, it’s my favourite as it has a distinct flavour to it which attracts me. It’s the sauce i suppose.

Meng Tuck Vegetarian Health Food Center:

No. 133, Jalan SS2/6,
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

I’ve been craving for froyo, so we headed to Tutti Frutti (though i just had froyo at coffee bean recently!)


Had the vanilla flavour-the only flavour i like. I really wish they brought in PB and cookies and cream, but i’ve yet to see them! Topped off with some Oreos (I’m not sure if they subbed it for “Stereos” to reduce costs). This cost me RM6.90!

Dinner wasn’t any cheaper, but what made it worse was that it wasn’t worth the portion!

Gramps suggested porridge for dinner, since the BF has sore throat, so we tried Geylang Lor 9 in SS2. It was recommended by Akak Carol. Gramps were eager to try frog porridge (reminds grampa of his childhood days).

But boy, was I shocked at the price. RM12 for one portion of frog..


So fine, we ordered the spring onion frog, though it was RM12. And this was what we got! Can you see how deep the pot was? The pot given was maybe 1/4 filled and covered with spring onions. I don’t even know why they bother using the pot when a plate would most likely be more suitable for that portion. And the pictures are so deceiving as they show that it’s filled to the brim. Taste-wise: it was quite alright, but the portion put me off.


Porridge was OK. RM3 for a portion fit for three. we ordered another one, as the two men are big eaters. If it had been brown rice porridge, i would’ve had more.


Onion omelette (RM8). Again, i think it’s overpriced. I could easily get something similar at RM6? It was good, no doubt.


Thai style tofu (RM8). It was alright. The sauce was not overly spicy. But I felt it was kind of lazy of them not to fry individual slice of tofu, but instead fry one whole tofu. I prefer if it was sliced, then fried as then, the tofu won’t “excrete” water and also it would be browned on all sides.

Would I come back? Well, if you’re a huge frog fan, why not? But not for the portion.

Geylang Lor 9: Jalan SS2/61 Same row as AmBank

After dinner, me and grandma went to the night market, to have a look, we bought a couple of things, including a pack of these:


Sugar plums they call it. I love them because they’re so cute. I think stone fruits are in season, since peaches are in season! I want me some peaches! ARGH!

Oh, by the way, this is so awesome. I wrote a letter to the Star, regarding prices of low-fat milk, and it actually was published! I was so surprised! They altered it though, but still, it’s awesome!

See: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/8/30/focus/6943845&sec=focus

Me and the BF are still awake, and i’m watching videos of cute dogs. I think I’ve said “I want” 10,395 times already, and counting!


Boring morning

Sorry for the boring title, but:

  1. I’m running out of titles, especially when breakfasts are the same!
  2. It’s really boring, and i rather be at home right now.

Breakfast, wasn’t boring for me, but sure you’re bored of seeing my cereal. But i’ll try to change about! 🙂 I just really miss my blueberry mornings.

Yum! I just love this. And i guess you’ll be seeing it around as i cant fit anymore cereal in the fridge. Note: I put cereal in the fridge so that it doesn’t get soft. I PUT anything in the fridge so that it won’t get soft.

Yum! So delighted to find more clusters in it today.

But strangely, this morning I was pretty hungry, not enough fruits the day before?

So i had my share of fruit today.

Zespri KIWI! Sweeettt..

Had it with my friend, Joe.

I’ve been filling my body with this lately:

It’s really sweet, though it supposedly is free of preservatives and suger. It’s to up my defense from any sickness whatsoever, especially, snce my senior is sick… and i’m heading to Bali. If i hadn’t a trip plan in the coming 2 weeks, I wouldn’t be so cautious. But I DO have Bali coming, so I pray that I don’t fall sick or catch any bug. At the same time, consume every vitamin possible. Akak Jean recommends probiotics. But it’s quite expensive. i’ll think about it.

See ya!

Note, i feel that i have a funny taste in my mouth right now. had a mint which didn’t help. but may think about having a cookie. reasons to have a cookie, no?


8 hours isn’t enough

Definitely not for last night. I had a solid 8 hours 40 minutes of sleep. And yet, it wasn’t enough. I woke up at 7.10am, still wanting to fall back to sleep and snuggle up with my bolster. Oh well. But I was dreaming. I think about my trip to Bali, and there were some complications-oh NO! But I hope the opposite comes true.

Speaking of 8 hours, I just read, the state with the longest average working hours in US is Houston Texas, see here. Their average working hours is 41.2 hours/week. That averages out to about 8 hours, slightly more in a day assuming it’s a 5 day week job. But that’s consider quite low, as in Malaysia, i find that the culture is the more OT you work, the better it is. At the place I’m working, people work round the clock, worse during peak seasons. Off peak, the supposedly working hours is 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. But people stay most likely til 7 or 8pm. And that’s OFF PEAK! People have stayed 24 hours during peak season. Of course, the company would say, “We didn’t force them to stay late. It’s their choice”. I’m sure it’s our choice to stay 24 hours and not go home to get enough sleep. If you hired more, and give people work load which is handleable, i’m sure people won’t have to slog like dogs. I shan’t disclose the company, neither am i saying this only happens where i’m working. I think it happens everywhere now in Malaysia. Labour laws are just not strict enough. There are just not enough unions. or the unions aren’t strong enough. This is another reason why i would like to migrate, as i hope to get a decent 9-5 job, adding to the reason of huge grocery stores with healthy foods, and cheerios! 😉

On the food front, breakfast was consumed slowly today.

Mainly because I didn’t workout this morning, thus managed to get up at 7.10am! Workout shall be in the evening, i hope. Breakfast: blueberry morning Post cereal with HL milk. Yum! I think I’m falling in love with thi cereal. I wonder if they have blueberry cheerios. 🙂 I love the blueberry morning, as even the flakes are scented with the strong blueberry flava! Just wish there were more clusters in there!

Blueberry scented coffee too! made from the blueberry scented milk which was scented by my blueberrylicious cereal.

Gramps dropped me at office, so means dinner would most likely be right after office. I’m hoping to manage a workout after dinner (??)

See you after lunch!


Blueberry morning

That was my morning today. blueberrylicious. I bought this yesterday at Cold Storage as i saw it was on promo, RM1 less than usual, no big deal, i know. but the hypermarket tricked me. i saw, RM12 something. Turned out RM12.99. sigh. Either way, i don’t regret buying it. Smile



3/4 cup topped with some Strawberry yoghurt muesli (BOKOMO).


Reminds me of the good o’l’ days when my aunt used to buy and got me influence into eating imported cereal. Bad, because they’re so pricey now, but good, because if she hadn’t, i would have missed out something in my life.

I miss this cereal so much. i love the sweetness and the enormous size of the flakes! YUM! been a while since i had flake because i’ve been having cheerios, not that i prefer this to cheerios.


Blueberry really scented up the milk! My coffee became blueberry coffee! So awesome. i may be obsessed with this cereal for awhile since i cant get my cheerios. But it is abit on the pricy side – RM14 (ori price) plus milk’s expensive now.

I’m off to clean up, and maybe run? hopefully. i feel full now.


Cheerios stash!

Peoples! I’m so sorry for leaving you in the dark for almost a year. i’ll do my very best to revive it. but i can’t promise my daily posts as previously. I know I can never be as successful as KERF but I will do my best.

I’ve been uber busy with…well stuff. So much has been going on. I’m into my last semester in September. Woo hoo! But no hurray for my final year project, which I am totally lacking of respondents. HELP!

Anyways, I’m currently interning in the TAX department of an audit firm = busy as it’s filing period. Well, at least for up to this week. But my senior said she still has a few more which she managed to extend the deadline, which means, there’s still work.

I’m on MC today, however, as I had to go for my follow-up treatment. Yet, i found some time for my blog. hope my Senior doesn’t see this. but note i AM going to rest after this.

This morning, i had my last little wee bit of Cheerios left!! Boo..


Apple Cinnamon. but i still like the original flavour more. There’s the 5 grain Cheerios in Malaysia, made in China. But i still like the imported ones more, though they cost a BOMB! So this one, mom bought from Singapore. Mom, if’ you’re reading, I need more!!!!

That’s all for now. I’ve got stuff to do! But i sure miss blogging!





i think i’ve been watching too much tv.. seriously!!

Anyway, brekkie was a bowl of cereal!!


same as yesterday.. i know i’m boring.

i’m off to vampire’s diaries..


Noodle Shack @ Ikano

1/Note: the night before’s dinner, i didn’t post anything cos it was a repeat of the previous  day’s lunch of mushroom fried rice. 😉

I heart my cereal.. and i’m to lazy to make anything else..


1/3 cup all-bran, the rest of the 3/4 cup was filled with Cheerios! yum. though the cheerios was a tad corny.

Had a 10 minute run until grandma bugged me to play mah jong with her.

after that i had a 11 minute run again.

Lunch was pretty late. about 2pm.. I used up what was left of the fried rice and a tad of salad with Hellman’s dressing



Stole some of grandpa’s eggs he cooked. hehe. it was actually for himself with his porridge, but it smelled so good. so i had some!! 😉

Soon after, akak Jack came by. and we left for a walk about Curve.

Dinner was @ Noodle Shack, Ikano.

Akak jack suggested since she LOVES it.


Grampa had Traditional meen fun kou. (aka pan mee)

I tried some, it was quite good but i still think there’s a shop in klang which the meen fun kou is much beter. This one here is a bit too thick for my liking.. The ingredients were quite fresh though.


I had fish balls, RM6.90 plus an egg RM1

it was not bad. very authentic as they weren’t perfectly round. Rather more like fish paste. The soup was alright. i don’t know, but i just felt that something was missing. can’t put my finger on it. 0.0

Overall, food was not too bad, but i guess i’m not too big a fan of pan mee, and normally just tag along.

Food: 7/10 | Price: 6/10 | Service: 7/10 | Ambience: 7/10

Noodle Shack, Ikano power centre