Hi there!

I was PLANNING to wakeup a bit early to go to the park, but sleepiness overruled.

Thus, breakfast was heated up.


Had a peanut puff from Puff garden at Uptown Damansara. Full of ground peanuts! I burnt it abit though, still good. I have to refrain myself from overbuying pastries for breakfast now since I have some cereal to finish at home!


I invested in some Starbucks coffee! This bag cost me RM33. I love nuts, so I guessed I would love this flavour. I requested that the grind half the bag for me so that I can use it for my french press. I’ve been using it over the few days, but forgot to feature it. It’s nice, nutty-ish. Not too strong though. I prefer stronger beans.

I did a run at home since I missed going to the park. While watching Criminal Minds 3 – I get nightmares after watching it, but I still love this series, even more than CSI!

Lunch proceeded with a salad, a scone and an intended yoghurt.


Salada was some butterhead, cherry tomatoes and baby carrots. Butterhead lasts well, thus I prefer it to romaine. Had me salad with some ketchup and homemade dressing. Ketchup is the way to go if you’re lazy like me. 😉


I omitted the yoghurt when I started chomping on my scone. Figured since it’s a cheddar vegetable scone, it had some form of protein, and it was pretty filling. I got it from the Loaf!


I reheated it in the microwave, then the oven, it was a bit soft. I’m not sure if it’s my fault fr reheating it, or the Loaf because it was soft inside, which I don’t think that’s what a scone is supposed to be. I think it’s supposed to be almost biscuit like and crumbly. Instead, it was cake meets bread texture. The texture was a real let down, but taste-wise, it was good. Cheese and vegetable!

And now, I shall proceed to some blog-reading, and maybe clean my room? We’ll see. 🙂



I couldn’t get back to bed after the BF left for work, so I decided to get done with my workout, which means it won’t be on my mind for the rest of my day! I ran, but forgot to stretch. Not that I remember half the time.

While running, I saw Samantha Brown on TLC visiting Hawaii! I sooooo want to live there. I’m actually going online now to see if there are any jobs there! 😉

I had a tropical bar for breakfast. I got it from the loaf. It’s very different than “the rock” i had yesterday. The bottom biscuit had a bit of a “crunch” then it had a jam like thing in the middle of tha cake and the bottom, which made it chewy, and the cake. Plus the crunchy slivered almonds on top!


I loved the blend of the flavours as the cake was sweet, but the chewy part was jam-like.


The coffee tools! My very precious bodum french press and an IKEA milk frother. The milk frother was a steal at RM9.90! But I saw one the other day at “Livin’ it up” at 1 Utama, it was in a mug, almost like a french press design, where when you push down the lever (I’m not sure what you call it), the thing will spin and froth the milk! But it was over RM50.. Out of budget compared to the one I have.


No, I didn’t use the 3 in 1. 3 in 1 was for grampa, and the coffee on the right is mine. See the difference in our thinking! I says it’s convenient, I say mine is delish and healthier!


2 course breakfast

Yesterday was a long day. The assessment was fun, but long, and mentally tiring. I did my best, and I leave the rest to God.

Lunch was a buffet! That was really good because I didn’t expect that.

This morning, I had a good run before breakfast. (What!) Yes, I read in a health mag that it was ok to do so, and it saves me SOOO much time. I didn’t break down or anything, but I guess my brain was “Telling” me I’m tired, but when I’m not.

Breakfast was a 2 course thing. First:


While waiting for by toast to toast and coffee to press, I had me a good source of protein – 2 eggs, scrambled,  topped with salt.


Coming up was the prepared coffee, with my toast, and a good helping of kaya. Unfortunately, I finished the lemon tree one so I’m stuck with this kaya from Little Cravings at 1 Utama.

I’m off to run a few errands during lunch!


yogurt parfait

Yogurt + Granola =


I used a French yogurt, which name I can’t remember. The BF brought is back from his flight. I think it’s Elle & Elle, something like that. I’ll promise to take i down the next time around because it’s soooo good. Creamy and the right amount of sweetness, plus, sugar is not the first, but around the fifth ingredient on the list unlike other brands. Sadly this would set you back about RM5 here in Malaysia. I layered it with some Buckwheat granola which I found from KERF!

Perfect mix for textures!


Had me half of this Cafe Vanilla I got from Coffee Bean after topping up my Coffee Bean card. Yummy, but nothing beats freshly brewed.

Hit the treadmill after two hours, and thus, lunch.


If you noticed, I missed my post for yesterday’s dinner, but here’s a glimpse. White carrot (known as parsnip) soup with free range chicken. Made with love by grandma. Yum. Orange carrots added would have made it even better! I had this small leftover bowl for lunch.


Of course, you need a balance of carbs and protein. Bread sticks (Bread was Low GI bread from Baker’s Inn which I love as it is delicious, healthy and RM4.20!!) slathered with Kaya (kind of the Malaysian version of coconut butter, except that it has eggs!), on one side, and i flipped it and spread it with margarine. You see, I realise that whenever I spread margarine or butter on my bread, and top it with another spread, I can’t taste the “fat spread” which I think wastes the idea of even putting a “fat spread’. Thus, spread the bread both sides!

A scrambled egg. It was too sweet for me, I think Nesvita’s milk (I’ currently have) is a tad sweeter than the regular, which means it’s not too good for scrambled eggs, but fine for french toast.

Off to church soon!



Sorry for the delayed post. While waiting for the BF during his 10pm exam at KLIA, I read blogs on his lappie. Since I’m so used to the Windows Live Writer, I didn’t blog. Dinner was a “Dancing Chicken” (I think that’s the name) sandwich from the airport The Bakery (there’s a branch in Ikano)


Sad that it wasn’t fresh though. It’s all made already unlike the branch in Ikano. RM9.90 with 10% off (the BF’s staff price). It was fine, but don’t think it will last long. It won’t because the BF dropped it when we got into the car on the way home. 😦

I brought it to McD’s since that was one of the few 24 hour joints at the airport. I couldn’t resist some fries! I asked for small, the BF thought medium was the smallest! Lol!


We got home pretty late, but it all ended well as he passed! Thank God.

This morning, the BF had to work – flying to Kunming. Breakfast was by my lonesome self as gramps left the house early as usual.


Max was there to accompany me though! 😉


And a coffee to keep me full. Gonna run in a few hours!

Oh and the BF’s flight is delayed. Boo.


Double Joy

Today, me and the BF decided to use the two free Big Breakfast vouchers from McDoodles!

It was totally worth it as it only required a minimum purchase of RM5, to get two Big Breakfast!

And soooo much egg. I think they were extra generous! I had all the egg and one slice of the english muffin, giving the rest to the BF.

I know, super short post, but i’m pretty tired. Here’s something that I’m sure you’ll go “Aww”!


T-1 day

Today, is officially one more day to my trip to Bali. Note that I will be MIA between 3rd – 7th!

Brekkie this morning was with the BF (By the way, I didn’t manage to stay up. I was too bored!)


Italian coffee with Iced Coffee maker.


Butter cake, which I forgot to picture, but managed to do so before I ate my fav part! The sides!


This is the reason why I never eat cakes, and prefer cereal or oats. It feels like it’s not enough although the cals are surely more! So i had a cookie!! Brown butter cookie i made recently!

Watched some TV and worked out.

Lunch followed suit. Since gramps were out, i made my lunch: Luncheon meat sandwich (leftover luncheon meat)

  1. toast the bread
  2. spread mayo on the bread.


3. Layer on some salad leaves, and then the luncheon meat, as many or much as you like


4. OK, this is my preference. I decided to open the jar of wholegrain mustard to try. So i spread it on the other piece of bread (I used High 5 Wholemeal)


Why is it on a rack you ask? To prevent the water vapour (as a result of the heat from the toasted bread) to soggy-fy the bread.


Now, lay the mustard-ised bread on the other layers. And EAT!


The mustard gave it a really tangy flavour! It’s a bit weird, but i just really wanted to try!


Kiwi-licious. while watching Pride & Prejudice which nearly killed me of borderm. Not my type of show!

Tonight, it’s time to prep for BALI!!