I had a french toast for lunch!


At Old Town in Puchong. After breakfast at McDoodles, me and the BF went to Puchong to have a lookie at the Wharf by Bolton. A condo by the lake. Me thinks we are going through with it but not to stay though. The showroom looks good but the one we picked was smaller. We took quite a while and after deciding, we went for lunch at Old Town.

French Toast was… meh.. Too oily + syruppy. I prefer the one at Yut Kee. Which sadly, they are moving.

Coffee was ok, for Old Town’s standard.

We went to the bank and had some trouble with the outstanding balance of the bf’s loan. And I realised, it’s time to organise the BF’s receipts. He is too messy.

Dinner was prepared when we got back.


Wanted something uber quick, so I whipped up some corned beef (Libby’s the best!).

Corned Beef


1 can of Libby’s corned beef

1 BIG onion

1 egg

4 cloves of garlic

  • Brown onions. Add in the garlic when the onions are cooked.
  • Add in corned beef. Mash’em up real good.
  • Make a well in the centre and add in an egg.
  • Turn up the heat to cook the egg. Slowly stir the sides of the well so that the corn beef slowly mixes in with the egg (kinda like making pasta).
  • When the egg is fully cooked, mix it with the rest of the corn beef.
  • Serve

I used the corned beef with mixed peppers. It was a bit on the sweeter side, so Grandma didn’t like it much. I was fine with it though.


Quick stir-fry of “Siew Pak Choy” or “Bok Choy”. Some garlic, oyster sauce and chicken stock. Super easy!

The lettuce is there so that I can wrap it around the corn beef and eat! Yum! such a good idea since I rarely get in veggies into my body (as seen during lunch).


“Peach”. I’m not sure if it’s an actual peach. I got this from the market, and it was selling real cheap. RM10 for 15 or so. The taste is definitely peachy, but the texture is more plum-ish. Can anyone tell me what this is?

I’m off to watch the Supernatural, and may have a dessert of Flourless Hazelnut Chocolate Cake. Smile


Plum Chicken & Mushroom Broccoli

I’m so proud of myself because of the title! It meant that I had a healthy dinner. Complicated as it may sound, it was pretty quick to prep.

Plum sauce chicken


Chicken Fillet for two persons

Oyster sauce – 1 tbsp

salt & pepper to taste

Lee Kum Kee plum sauce – 1 tbsp

1 carrot stick

4 cloves of garlic

1/4 of a chilli

1. Marinate chicken with oyster sauce, salt, pepper and sesame oil.

2. When it is time to cook, steam carrots.

3. Cut garlic and some chilli4. Fry garlic & chilli till fragrant.

5. Add chicken and fry till 3/4 cooked.

6. Add in 1 tablespoon of lee kum kee plum sauce (I used two which was too sweet).

7. Add in steamed carrots.

8. Heat the sauce up thoroughly and make sure chicken is well cooked.


It doesn’t look pretty, but it tastes good. It’s even better when you get chicken fillets from parts like thighs but get the fat removed. It’s much more tender.


Mushroom Broccoli


2 BIG tbsp of Mushroom Vegetarian Mix

1 head of broccoli (chopped up)

3 cloves of garlic

salt & pepper to taste

1. Steam the broccoli till 3/4 cooked.

2. Sautee garlic and a teeny bit of oil.

3. Heat through the Mushroom Vegetarian minced meat with the garlic till you can smell the fragrance from it.


4. Add in the steamed brocs.

5. Stir well and add salt and pepper to your liking. Try to completely dry off the broc. I didn’t and the sauce had too much water.


I didn’t know that the “mince meat” wasn’t salty enough, so I kinda added salt really last minute. I think if you add chicken stock granules, it would be better (that’s if you’re not completely vegetarian).

The Vegetarian Mushroom Mince Meat is supposed to be an imitation of mince meat, but tastes so much better!!! My aunt got it from an organic cafe/shop in SS2. She left me some to try, and I’m definitely getting more (though it takes a bite out of your wallet – RM 18.90).


Had the two dishes with some brown rice and OJ. The plum chicken is excellent with rice because it blends with the sweetness of it.

After cleaning up, I snagged half a piece of this before I went to bed.


Am so glad my aunts loved it!



If you’ve been following, I’m off to BALI tomorrow! So it’s gonna be an early night for an early flight.

Dinner was at Murni after daily mass.


I had their Nasi Campur. Brinjals, Tempeh, and Potatoes.

The brinjals were good! It LOOKED spicy, but totally wasn’t! However, it was way too oily!

Taters were good. Loved the burnt parts.

Tempeh was alright cooked with petai though petai’s not my fav.


Chicken (not the pandan type) was quite nice. Had some too.

I came home to an apple, but have alot more fruits to go. May bring some to BALI! =.=

Going to hit the sack soon, if i can!



Today, dinner at Sakae was with a budget in mind. Well, it’s just because I realised that I would normally order the RM5.90 one, always thinking it’s RM5 something, when in reality, it’s RM6. Sigh. And RM6 for something so small, it’s expensive!

So, it was mostly green and pink.

Except this red which the BF got.


Raw salmon, which I still think is much better @ Zanmai.

But Zanmai doesn’t have this:


Green plate Kakiage. Yum! Ordered 4 of this between us!


Salmon maki! I didn’t know what other green plate to order!


And a pink plate Egg mayo inari. Which I quite like!! sweet but in a savoury kinda way.

Changed moolah to rupiah as it’s just a day away from BALI!


Healthy, then unhealthy

I was healthy in a way that I ran today, and it felt easier than before! I love running outside! Running on the mill gets me bored and more tired, but I still need it for rainy/busy days. And boy, I almost thought my running plans were ruined due to the afternoon rain! But thank God, it finally stopped and me & gramps went to Waterfront @ Desa Park City! Fun! And i finally got to use my expiring GNC voucher today.

Dinner was “across the toll” since LDP is toll-free for today! YAY MERDEKA! Hehe. Yet, we couldn’t decide where to eat. Since Murni was packed, we went to Chow Yang, otherwise known as Mee Yoke Lim in SS2.

I had a CKT-Char Kuey Teow, which is the unhealthy part of the night.


CKT is getting expensive! RM5 with an extra egg (0.0)

It was good, nonetheless. It had wok hei, and 3 or 4 prawns. Spicyness was just nice. Sadly, there was no fried tang hoon as i prefer that.

We headed to Giant as there were Good MERDEKA deals there. I saved RM12!! Yay!!

Plan for tonight: I’m going to try to stay up tonight, since tomorrow, gramps will be out, and the BF is coming home to sleep. So I plan to stay up, and sleep when the BF comes back to sleep! Smile 

Stuff to do:

  • pack for Bali
  • Iron clothes
  • Clean room

Hmm, don’t think this will keep me up though! Will see.


Geylang Lor 9


Breakfast today: Blueb morning as I was in a hurry. Delish breakkie when you’re in a rush. But sadly, it’s one of the fastest compared to oats. I down it in record time since it gets soggy fast! Sad smile

Today is my last day @ work! Said my goodbyes to my colleagues with the cookies I made! There was practically no work today. Everyone’s not in the mood for work anyway, since it’s Merdeka (Independence) day tomorrow!

Lunch with the BF was at Meng Tuck Vegetarian Restaurant.


It’s not exactly restaurant style. But it sure serves up good vegetarian economy rice. They have lots of varieties, and it’s good to come during lunch, and after 5.30 since that’s when the food is just cooked! They have about 20 varieties, and offer brown rice (but I’m not too happy about the rice as they don’t seem brown enough to qualify for brown rice to me).

Brinjals (Most front)- It’s cookied with some kinda black bean sauce, along with peppers and beans. Yum!

Beans, peanuts, tofu (Back right) – This is home-cooked food which you can’t find outside. You definitely don’t find this often as it’s difficult to cook. Sad to say, it lacked preserved veges (choy poh) which makes the dish!

Old long beans (Back left) – Though this is super simple, it’s my favourite as it has a distinct flavour to it which attracts me. It’s the sauce i suppose.

Meng Tuck Vegetarian Health Food Center:

No. 133, Jalan SS2/6,
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

I’ve been craving for froyo, so we headed to Tutti Frutti (though i just had froyo at coffee bean recently!)


Had the vanilla flavour-the only flavour i like. I really wish they brought in PB and cookies and cream, but i’ve yet to see them! Topped off with some Oreos (I’m not sure if they subbed it for “Stereos” to reduce costs). This cost me RM6.90!

Dinner wasn’t any cheaper, but what made it worse was that it wasn’t worth the portion!

Gramps suggested porridge for dinner, since the BF has sore throat, so we tried Geylang Lor 9 in SS2. It was recommended by Akak Carol. Gramps were eager to try frog porridge (reminds grampa of his childhood days).

But boy, was I shocked at the price. RM12 for one portion of frog..


So fine, we ordered the spring onion frog, though it was RM12. And this was what we got! Can you see how deep the pot was? The pot given was maybe 1/4 filled and covered with spring onions. I don’t even know why they bother using the pot when a plate would most likely be more suitable for that portion. And the pictures are so deceiving as they show that it’s filled to the brim. Taste-wise: it was quite alright, but the portion put me off.


Porridge was OK. RM3 for a portion fit for three. we ordered another one, as the two men are big eaters. If it had been brown rice porridge, i would’ve had more.


Onion omelette (RM8). Again, i think it’s overpriced. I could easily get something similar at RM6? It was good, no doubt.


Thai style tofu (RM8). It was alright. The sauce was not overly spicy. But I felt it was kind of lazy of them not to fry individual slice of tofu, but instead fry one whole tofu. I prefer if it was sliced, then fried as then, the tofu won’t “excrete” water and also it would be browned on all sides.

Would I come back? Well, if you’re a huge frog fan, why not? But not for the portion.

Geylang Lor 9: Jalan SS2/61 Same row as AmBank

After dinner, me and grandma went to the night market, to have a look, we bought a couple of things, including a pack of these:


Sugar plums they call it. I love them because they’re so cute. I think stone fruits are in season, since peaches are in season! I want me some peaches! ARGH!

Oh, by the way, this is so awesome. I wrote a letter to the Star, regarding prices of low-fat milk, and it actually was published! I was so surprised! They altered it though, but still, it’s awesome!

See: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/8/30/focus/6943845&sec=focus

Me and the BF are still awake, and i’m watching videos of cute dogs. I think I’ve said “I want” 10,395 times already, and counting!



I didn’t consume lunch today! I just wasn’t truly hungry. I cooked dinner, and after cooking, i ate some snack.


Red apple.. not sweet sadly.


This was sweeet. I love Yut Kee butter cake. I wish they made individual slices so that each slice would be an “end” slice. Smile But I know it’s gonna cost more. This already cost me RM1/slice.

And yes, if you noticed, i cooked. Just to help out since gramps were pretty fagged out from this morning’s walk. But sadly, i failed. Everything was too salty, though noone dared to criticize it much.


Cabbage in anchovy stock. Too much anchovy granules! Otherwise it would’ve been fine.


Prawns in black bean sauce. I actually believe that there is an overload of onions this time (this is coming from an onion-lover, mind you). And i think i shouldn’t have added any salt to the prawns!


No, i didn’t eat this little. I had seconds for sure! But i think it got jelak after a while due to the saltiness. I need to prevent my hand from reaching the salt jar the next time i cook!

The BF’s not feeling too well right now. So i think it’s an early night for him to rest! Plus, i’m feeling sleepy too!