After a nap, the bf, me & gramps were planning to attend daily mass before dinner. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any due to some CDD anniversary. So we went for dinner @ Murni at Aman Suria.

By the way, I found out that Murni’s Cafe @ Kepong belongs to them as well.

Anywho, since we were super early, there wasn’t any nasi campur yet, so I had myself an omelette special.


Yum. It could’ve been a tad saltier, but fine with me. It had ham and mushroom inside with a side of fries. Fries weren’t hot though. Was cold by the time it got to my table. RM5. It was cheaper when they first started off ,and the portion was much bigger. But oh well. I’ll still come back here for the good teh tarik. 😉

Murni Discovery,

Aman Suria



I had oodles of noodles for lunch today. 🙂

I followed gramps to lunch after my workout. We went to Kayu @ Aman Suria, where I reckon they serve up one of the best Maggi Goreng.


Yum.. Maggi noodles with egg, tofu, vege, and indian “kueh” (which I don’t fancy) topped with house-made fried onions. It is so good that it doesn’t come from a packet – onions, i mean. Fried with a really strong “maggi” flavour. Noodles flavour was totally there.


I couldn’t resist a Nescafe tarik, but sadly, they gave it to me over ice. Oh well, a cold drink for a hot day then! Their kurang manis, is manis to me. Can’t imagine what their regular nescafe is like!



Grampa settled for Nasi Kandar with Fish and Vege (RM6.50). The curry was good, and spicy. I didn’t try the rest, but Grampa finished it, which is a good sign 😉

Came home, lazed around as usual. These are the kinda days when I feel I REALLY should get a job. BF’s flight is delayed, so it’s 8.22pm now, and he’s just on the train back. but dinner will probably be around 930 only because we’d have to go get his car after I pick him up.

I really pity anyone who has an aircraft engineer as a bf. sigh. I pity myself! lol!


Kayu @ Aman Suria

Today was Jade’s (VT) last day at office as she was leaving for US. It was getting emotional, but I left soon enough. Winking smile 

Gramps were waiting for me and we headed to Kayu for dinner. I told them I was craving for Roti Tisu, and it’s been ages since we went there!

We ordered everything to share..

Rojak (RM4.50)


It was decent. My grandma likes the sauce, but i still prefer Ali Rojak. Plus Ali Rojak ingredients are the freshest. The keropok in this was REALLY hard! And the coconut was too soft..

Was craving for a teh tarik, so i had a kurang manis one. Really, in mamak, you have to tell them to make it less sweet, because less sweet becomes normal. If it’s regular to them, it’s super sweet!


The long awaited Roti Tisu (RM5). Seriously, although it most probably costs 4 times more than the regular one, it’s so much bigger. My cam couldn’t even take the pic of the whole thing!


The roti tisu is so good! Crispy! And the sides are more “planta-ish” so it’s almost salty at the softer ends. but the rest, is so sweet and crispy!!!! YUM!I think i’m gonna be on carb + sugar high later!

Kayu’s maggi goreng is also one of my favourites. I think they actually fry it with the magi seasoning. They cook the noodles perfectly as it has not “kembang”. LOVE the fried onions! But price is on the high side (RM4.50). I would imagine it to be RM5 if i wanted one more egg (which i was tempted, but didn’t)


Bill came up to RM20.40 including gramps drinks and grandpa’s chapatti. Food is much better than your regular mamak, but the people they hire don’t really understand Malay though. Strange. It’s kind of hard to communicate. So if you’re a picky eater, like my grandma, please refrain from being so as it’s hard to tell them anything specific in the foods. For instance, “more black sauce” and “no soft kuih in the rojak”.. (but sometimes i think those i also hard to understand by me! haha.. blacker noodles (??) )

OK, with such carbo loading and sugar high from dinner, and unhealthy lunch @ KFC, a workout was in line when i came home. I should avoid days like this. It’s so unbalanced. two unhealthy meals in a day! But I suspect tomorrow’s the same as I’m planning on heading to Shih Lin Taiwan (A taiwanese deep fried snack place) for lunch.

Workout was alright. was planning on a 4K, but I couldn’t. However, I AM running tomorrow after work when the BF fetches me.

I’m off to bed soon. Maybe get in some reading! Ta!


Murni @ Aman Suria

I never knew murni only starts serving the “Real” menu at 12pm..

So it was kinda a waste me, pik san and svun headed there so early!

So we just placed our orders.. and waited..

I had some “nasi campur” which was ready.


On the left: prawns shrimps- cos it was freshly cooked, it still had its crunch!!

Right: Tofu, which was better than i expected!!! Really good but a tad too salty..


Pik San got a claypot lou shu fun..

While Svun got Triple H – basically a sandwich version of BIG mac, but wrapped with egg.


Really big!!!

Note that there’s beef inside, so if you don’t eat/like beef, you can tell them like what Svun did, and replace it with chicken!


Soft shell crab which me and Pik San shared.. nom nom nom!!

I had the fries and 3 out of 5 pieces..

This was much better than the ones i had previously.. it looked better, and less oily too!!

Food: 8/10 | Price: 7.5/10 | Service: 7/10 | Ambience: 7/10

Murni Discovery @ Aman Suria


Cafe Penang Street @ Aman Suria

Note: before mass:


Headed for mass the second time yesterday to accompany dear. Ok by me, cos after all, we ARE going to church. 🙂

After considering what the jam would be like along the Taman Tun due to the darn construction, we headed to Aman Suria in hunt for dinner.

And settled for Penang Street Cafe since Pizza vs Satay was closed.

Communication is abit difficult there cos the waiters understood neither english nor malay. The menu was your typical penang fare, but since we just had fried kuey teow in the morning, we had “mixed rice” for dinner.


I had some kangkung (which the waiter claimed was not available, but strangely, i found some at the counter.. ) a tofu and a piece of chicken rendang.

The kangkung was good. not belachan style, but still good. the flavour is there!

Tofu was ok. kinda bland though.

Chicken was nice. i couldn’t help finishing the sauce!! Though i know it’s full of santan. oh well..

Dear had the same except with rice, no tofu and beef rendang. fine.. not the SAME, but somewhat the same. hehe. he said it was nice but too salty..

Along with 2 warm water, it cost us RM11.. i guess it’s Ok.food was nice, service was good except the communicato probs.

Food: 7.5/10 | Price: 7/10 | Service: 6.5/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10

Cafe Penang Street, Aman Suria (Same row as Bao Bao facing the main road)

We headed to One Utama, and had a rotiboy, then met Akak Jack to get my i Phone (3G, not 3GS)!! So happee! but i don’t know how to use it.. waiting for mom to teach me.


Betty’s Midwest Kitchen, Aman Suria

There’s been alot of hype among the blogosphere about Betty’s midwest kitchen in aman Suria.


The Nomad Gourmand



And many others i need not type as you may just google it. 😉

Anyway, me and dear decided to head there for lunch, and as predicted, it was packed-well, almost.. we were there by 1 ish, and there were a few people leaving.. phew~

But once we were seated, and another huge party, i think it became full house-except outside seats.. it was a HOT day!

The menu was nice, and the waitress immediately recommended the Classic Meatloaf for first timers like us. But that was already what i was gonna order as i read that it was quite good!

We got 2 Fresh Lemonades (RM2.50 each)


Tangy, but not so sour that you would squint your eyes, but sweet enough not to kill you with diabetes. In other words, it was good lemonade. and not made from powder whatsoever.

The first to come was dear’s pulled pork burger (RM12)


Let me first comment about the fries.. I love these thick cut fries. ok.. i don’t know if it was frozen of fresh, what ever it is, i love it! So sad i can’t find any frozen thick cut ones in the supermarkets.


i’m gonna talk about this burger from MY point of view, cos sometimes, i think dear just likes food from bintulu, and has a prejudice about everything HERE! =.=

Anyway, the burger buns toasted, with pork shreds in between and gravy! The gravy was good and the pork was really soft! Quite good..


Here we go! The famous classic meatloaf (RM15). A decent portion. I love the mash cos it was delish on its own! The peas were ok-just normal.. kinda on the bland side. they ARE peas after all.. The onion relish was good-but i wish i had more.

Now to the meatloaf-i gave dear one.. It’s actually made out of pork, though i normally thought it was made out of beef. It was very moist and juicy. though i wish i had the corner portion 😉 On the top i think was something like bbq sauce. Quite good! The loaf should SOOOO be eaten with the side of sauce given (not pictured). cos it just makes it so much better!

I was tempted to order more fries/apple crumble, but i don’t think we could have finished it (but maybe my gluttony could).

Overall, the food is great, and although it was packed, the food came reasonably fast! price is ok, cheaper than your TGIF!They charge service charge though =.= I kinda have a thing against it cos it doesn’t go to the workers’ pay. And ironically, it’s the higher class and more expensive places charging it. When the food already costs a bomb (i.e., Roma’s, TGI, Hotels.. you know the drill)

Food: 8/10 | Price: 7.5/10 | Service: 8/10 | Ambience: 8/10

Betty’s Midwest Kitchen, America on a plate

A-G-40 Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara, 47301, PJ | 03 7880 0196

Maybe you should think of making reservations cos it gets quite packed.


Wei Yip @ Aman Suria

Me and dear went to church alone yesterday. Grandma wasn’t up to it. so we met akak Jean, Carol and gramps at Restoran Wei Yip @ Aman Suria.. where we went last week..

I kinda am fond of this place, cos it’s home cooking at its best.. but the prices.. nope.. i’m not fond of that. lol..

Sometimes i wonder why i go out to eat when i can eat at home.

  1. gramps think i don’t eat well/enough at home
  2. no dishwasher
  3. going out sometimes seems so tempting

Anyway, back to food..


Claypot pork with mushrooms and dried beancurd. Grampa liked this alot cos the meat was the way he liked it and beancurd and mushrooms are his fav foods. I thought the pork was tender, but a tad too fatty for me.


Chicken with pumpkin and taters. i liked this. the sauce was really good though it would have been better if it was thicker.


Asam fish– same thing last  week.

i heart brinjals. too bad they don’t have a brinjal dish besides this asam fish. i ate 2 of the fishies’ heads.. :p


Fried egg with pickled radish. This was a favourite! First time ordering, but we saw almost all the tables ordering this. Sometimes thinking RM10 is soo not worth it for EGGS.. but do you think you can remake this at home? The eggs were so fluffy and fragrant!


Claypot spinach soup– normal. i still like their kangkung belachan more


pork with some preserved vege. This was okay.. it was spicy and sourish.. not a fav for me but the family kinda liked it.

The bill came up to RM81.80 including drinks. kinda pricy for me cos i think if you call it home-cooked.. shouldn’t it be cheaper? And i think they should switch on ALL the aircons instead of one.. cos we were sweating!! And they should have non-smoking areas. the guy was smoking next to us, and the smoke was headed our way..

Food: 8/10 | Price: 6.5/10 | Service: 7/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10

Restoran Wei Yip, Aman Suria (The other end of Murni Discovery)