After a nap, the bf, me & gramps were planning to attend daily mass before dinner. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any due to some CDD anniversary. So we went for dinner @ Murni at Aman Suria.

By the way, I found out that Murni’s Cafe @ Kepong belongs to them as well.

Anywho, since we were super early, there wasn’t any nasi campur yet, so I had myself an omelette special.


Yum. It could’ve been a tad saltier, but fine with me. It had ham and mushroom inside with a side of fries. Fries weren’t hot though. Was cold by the time it got to my table. RM5. It was cheaper when they first started off ,and the portion was much bigger. But oh well. I’ll still come back here for the good teh tarik. 😉

Murni Discovery,

Aman Suria


The Loaf

Since me and the BF were headed to Subang Andaman area to have a look see around, I requested that we stopped by Empire Gallery @ Subang so that I could try out some things.

First off, Crispy Popiah Egg Roll with prawn.


This tiny roll cost me RM5.20. The regular popiah skin roll would be RM3, so since it’s egg roll (+RM 0.20) and prawn ( + RM2), it was RM5.20. It tasted good. I think the crispy stuff inside changed, but it’s still nice. Unfortunately, the prawns were tiny. So I think the next time around, I’d rather pay RM3.20 for the normal egg roll, which is still not cheap though.

I insisted that we drop by the loaf! It looks so pretty..Sort of a boutique bakery. I got a few pastries there and signed up for their membership.


This is called “the rock” which I decided to have for lunch. It’s sweet, and crispy on the top, chewy at the bottom. I think it’s made out of croissants or something. It’s belgian, and yummy!

This will be tried over the next day or so. The top is a vegetable scone of some sort and the bottom was a tropical square.


Membership is RM10 for a lifetime. Though there isn’t any nearby for me now, but who nows right? 5% rebate every RM1. And other member-only promos. It is my dream to open up a bakery like this, but as for now, it’s office work with a steady income first.



Saturday’s dinner was at Gyuniku @ Sri Hartamas. Sort of a beef noodle place. But since my only favourite noodle is tang hoon, a.k.a. mung bean noodles, I had some popiah instead.


This is the regular popiah (chicken) for sharing. (RM 4 for two rolls)


Salad popiah (beef) for myself. (RM4 for 2 of these). It was alright. Too much cucumber – I’m not a cucumber fan. Mince beef was scarce. Flavour wise was alright, mayo and the beef was.. sweet-ish. I would’ve preferred if it was the dark sauce type.


The family had lots of this. Kuey Teow with a side of either beef balls or beef tendons (RM9) a bit on the high side. Soo Kee in KL would’ve been much better and more reasonably priced.


This was the star of the night for me though. White carrot and red carrot in beef soup. I only took the pic when I was half way through, so there was actually double this amount for RM3.50.

This place is alright, but it’s price could be blamed because of its location I suppose. Sri Hartamas… where rental is most probably high.

Gyuniku Beef Noodle House
No. 20 Jalan 28/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur
No. 20 Jalan 28/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas



I had oodles of noodles for lunch today. 🙂

I followed gramps to lunch after my workout. We went to Kayu @ Aman Suria, where I reckon they serve up one of the best Maggi Goreng.


Yum.. Maggi noodles with egg, tofu, vege, and indian “kueh” (which I don’t fancy) topped with house-made fried onions. It is so good that it doesn’t come from a packet – onions, i mean. Fried with a really strong “maggi” flavour. Noodles flavour was totally there.


I couldn’t resist a Nescafe tarik, but sadly, they gave it to me over ice. Oh well, a cold drink for a hot day then! Their kurang manis, is manis to me. Can’t imagine what their regular nescafe is like!



Grampa settled for Nasi Kandar with Fish and Vege (RM6.50). The curry was good, and spicy. I didn’t try the rest, but Grampa finished it, which is a good sign 😉

Came home, lazed around as usual. These are the kinda days when I feel I REALLY should get a job. BF’s flight is delayed, so it’s 8.22pm now, and he’s just on the train back. but dinner will probably be around 930 only because we’d have to go get his car after I pick him up.

I really pity anyone who has an aircraft engineer as a bf. sigh. I pity myself! lol!



Sorry for the delayed post. While waiting for the BF during his 10pm exam at KLIA, I read blogs on his lappie. Since I’m so used to the Windows Live Writer, I didn’t blog. Dinner was a “Dancing Chicken” (I think that’s the name) sandwich from the airport The Bakery (there’s a branch in Ikano)


Sad that it wasn’t fresh though. It’s all made already unlike the branch in Ikano. RM9.90 with 10% off (the BF’s staff price). It was fine, but don’t think it will last long. It won’t because the BF dropped it when we got into the car on the way home. 😦

I brought it to McD’s since that was one of the few 24 hour joints at the airport. I couldn’t resist some fries! I asked for small, the BF thought medium was the smallest! Lol!


We got home pretty late, but it all ended well as he passed! Thank God.

This morning, the BF had to work – flying to Kunming. Breakfast was by my lonesome self as gramps left the house early as usual.


Max was there to accompany me though! 😉


And a coffee to keep me full. Gonna run in a few hours!

Oh and the BF’s flight is delayed. Boo.



If you’ve been following, I’m off to BALI tomorrow! So it’s gonna be an early night for an early flight.

Dinner was at Murni after daily mass.


I had their Nasi Campur. Brinjals, Tempeh, and Potatoes.

The brinjals were good! It LOOKED spicy, but totally wasn’t! However, it was way too oily!

Taters were good. Loved the burnt parts.

Tempeh was alright cooked with petai though petai’s not my fav.


Chicken (not the pandan type) was quite nice. Had some too.

I came home to an apple, but have alot more fruits to go. May bring some to BALI! =.=

Going to hit the sack soon, if i can!


2nd last

This will be my second to final post before I’m MIA for 5days! Bali here i come!


Economy rice @ Bandar Menjelara before we went to change some money.

It was kinda late so there wasn’t much choices left. The lady boss didn’t charge me for the egg Winking smile

Brinjals, egg and broc with beans. I think they put ajinomoto or something in the brocs as I felt the flavours were so there! Like intense brocs! Oh well.

I managed to fit in a 21min run before I say bye to my treadmill for 5days!

Super short post I know! We’re heading to church today, as we doubt we can attend any mass in Bali.

I’m off to print us some maps!