Today, dinner at Sakae was with a budget in mind. Well, it’s just because I realised that I would normally order the RM5.90 one, always thinking it’s RM5 something, when in reality, it’s RM6. Sigh. And RM6 for something so small, it’s expensive!

So, it was mostly green and pink.

Except this red which the BF got.


Raw salmon, which I still think is much better @ Zanmai.

But Zanmai doesn’t have this:


Green plate Kakiage. Yum! Ordered 4 of this between us!


Salmon maki! I didn’t know what other green plate to order!


And a pink plate Egg mayo inari. Which I quite like!! sweet but in a savoury kinda way.

Changed moolah to rupiah as it’s just a day away from BALI!



Grandma’s intention of heading out to One U was to buy a pair of slippers. In the end, we end up lunching at Subway (somewhere she doesn’t like-but she got to eat at Little Cravings) and shop for zipper bags at Cold Storage!

Me and Granda had the sub of the day “seafood and crab” which came with a FREE drink (Ramadhan promo). Mine was with Honey Oat bread, but Grandpa (the whole wheat hater) had Italian.


RM7.50 with a drink, pretty decent. Seafood and crab-it was meh.. It felt strange. May be it’s because I’m not a big fake crab person! It just felt too fake crab like. I would’ve preferred a chicken teriyaki. I only ate half as this was HUGE! saving some for tomorrow! Winking smile

We took the sandwich to Little Cravings as there’s some food which Grandma likes there.


I shared a Red bean soup… or rather, i wiped out the red beans from two bowls of red bean soup! So much yummy delicious protein! Winking smile

Came home, washed the toilet (Yuck) and had me a kiwi (yum!)



2nd last

Today is my second last day of work! Of my internship really. I’m so delighted. Well, delighted because I get to go back to doing what I love, staying at home and doing nothing, but I will sure miss some of my seniors!

Brekkie today was special! (See, I AM trying to change it up! Smile)


Yum, my favourite waffle from Sun Moulin. RM2.50 it cost me. If only i had a waffle maker which could make something like this. (Even if i had, i think i would be too lazy!) I love that it’s so crusty and yet dense!! YUM! Sweetness is so right there, that you don’t need anything for it!


Green green kiwi.


I like french men coffee. Smile with tongue out French press my dear!


Tesco Italian roast!

Off to work I went! Work was busy-ish at times of the day. But time was sloooow after lunch, though I was pretty busy after 5. Lunch was with my seniors, since Pik San dumped me today! Which meant that either I be miserable and spend money (since I didn’t bring anything) or be happy and enjoy my final lunch with my seniors and spend money. Smile

Lunch @ Charms.


Again, I discreetly took this pic, therefore I don’t have many shots. I ordered a Fried Mung Bean (Tang Hoon) with seafood. RM13.90 (0.0) It was a bit pricy, but oh well. It was decent, had a good four prawns, and some squid. The taste was there, but forgettable. I can’t even remember it now like I still remember Cheerios! Had a good time chatting up with my seniors, whom i’m sad to say i won’t be seeing one of them anymore. I’ll still be seeing a few on Monday.

Gramps and the BF picked me up and we headed to Shiang Hee for dinner. There were some “new” (to us at least) on the table. 


Brinjals fried with Ha mai (shrimp).


Fried onion steamed tofu. The sauce goes well with rice! Saltyish and has that lovely fried onion taste!


This has got to be my fav so far! Fried prawn Mantis (RM12). I don’t know why it’s called Trassi to them. anyway, i chose the oats style of cooking. It’s quite different hear at Shiang Hee as the deep fry the oats instead of toast it, so it gets kinda clumped up. But it’s still good. Sweet and saltyish with a little bit of curry powder. I love the mantis prawns. I don’t know why. I guess it’s deep fried. Yums.


Assam fish, deep fried Fei Xao. It’s alright. Not the typical Assam found at Yong Tao Fu shops. It’s quite sour. Not the best. I still prefer their sweet and sour. And this time around, the fish wasn’t crispy enough.

The bill came to RM44.90 which is pretty decent. Considering there was fish + mantis.

We then headed to Tesco @ Kepong Village mall to stock up on some pantry items. Milk, sad to say still costs RM5.79. Sigh. Am still waiting and hoping price will fall (FAT HOPES)

Well, i’m off to some apple soon (i hope) and an early night? The BF is fasting tomorrow.. so it would be quite a boring day in terms of food as i’ll be cooking for one. Ta!


3 in one

Enough riddles please. Smile

Today is “charity shopping hunt” for my office. And as a VT, I was forced allowed to join. That meant we get half a day off. But I totally forgot about it till I entered the lift. Anyways, my post today will be a 3in1 as I had no time!



A wonderful New Zealand apple-from the fridge. I’m beginning to prefer “cold” fruits now. the hot weather maybe?

I couldn’t decide between cereal and toasted nestum, So i had both! SDC11625

Burnt toasted Nestum along with some Blueberry morning cereal.SDC11626

Portion of milk today was from Joe.


Max was so delighted when he saw Grandma holding bread =.=SDC11628SDC11629

And of course wanted more!


Gramps took me to work today. Work was fun(ish). My morning was totally busy till we had to free ourselves from work for the Charity shopping hunt! Which was fun. We discussed the riddles over lunch @ Yishensu. I had to discreetly take my pic without my seniors knowing, as I’m too lazy to explain and gain weird looks when I tell them I have a food blog.

I wasn’t interested in their set lunch, so i had the Nasi Rendang, swapped the santan rice for brown rice.


It was alright. But way too little Rendang for RM10! Not worth the money. The taste was definitely there though. I love the seaweed crisps they used to replace anchovies. However, I didn’t like the guy who served us. He was like acting so bossy, especially when I asked to swap for brown rice. He gave me a look, as if it was the most difficult thing in the world to do. And he was like, “ Err, haiya.. will charge you RM0.80 for it”. I’m like, sure, i’ll pay, but you don’t have to be so rude. And I’m not sure if they’re even supposed to charge me for it. When he took our orders, he was terribly rude too! It was just the way he talked i supposed.

The Charity Hunt was fun. We managed to find most of the stuff, but it wasn’t easy. I’m not sure if we’re getting any prizes as I didn’t join the dinner in order to join my gramps for dinner.

We dinnered at Kayu SS2.

I had a Double Taste Sun Moulin Sandwich which was meant for lunch but I didn’t consume.


This cost me RM6. I thought is was RM3.50 until they told me the amount. (I spent so much money today, including RM10 on a pepsi light when i had drinks with my senior at TGIF!)

The sandwich was OK. One “Taste” was ham with egg mayo while the other was ham and tuna. It was fine, but i can easily make this at home for much less.

I had my fair share of Roti Tisu too.


And I’m stuffed! I hope my food will digest by 8.30pm so that i can fit in a workout before bed! Ta!


Alone with pancakes

I’m so lonesome today. Lunch with Pik San cancelled as she had to go to a client’s place. I should always have a Plan B. I didn’t this time around, and was so indecisive for lunch!! I was debating between O’Briens, Shih Lin or Paddington House of Pancakes. I went with pancakes, as I wanted to take advantage of the set lunch @ RM13.80.

When they first started with this set lunch, there were as many as 10 choices, but it has decreased, to only 3. 😦 I remembered that they used to have the buckwheat with eggplant as part of the set lunch. Not anymore. And there were no vegetarian options for the sets (I’m trying to have vegetarian fridays – religious reasons).

So i had the classic buckleberry pancake with cream cheese and mushrooms, along with scrambled eggs and beef bacon (which i ommited).

The set came with a drink, of which i chose-Flat White.

I LOVE how they foam the top! Always ever so cute. This time, it’s a mouse/bunny? Not sure.. Hope they’re not implying something (my chubby face?)

Had to add 1.5 packs of sugar as it was pretty bitter. I ran out of Equals!

Food came decently fast!

I was in love with the smell of scrambled eggs! From afar, i could smell it!

The scrambled eggs were perfect! SO creamy and i suspect they added cheese! It’s so ooey gooey.. I really would like to replicate this at home.

Came with a side salad..

But the main star: Pancakes (I think they added some mushrooms to sub the bacon.

The pancakes were filled with blubes. Only one was centred with cream cheese though..

I ate the blube-less pancake first. Then the cream cheese filled one! SO RICH! Gosh.. i should have dug out some of the cream cheese to eat with the first pancake. Blubes were quite sour.. But i topped it off with some honeyto balance it out.  

The meal even came with dessert:

PHOP Sundae: vanilla ice-cream with pancake dollars drizzled with strawberry syrup.

Twas OK. Nothing to should about. Pancake dollars were cute. but the ice-cream was your regular commercial type.

The bill came up to RM15.85 after tax.

Paddington House of Pancakes, 1 Utama.

Walked around, bought contact lenses, i can be back on it (after my 4 weeks of eye treatment due to allergies!). Checked out GNC to see how i should make use of my 40% voucher. And dropped by famous amos for some cookies. 😉 And i was hunting for something to eat before the run later, so i bought a muffin top! I really should stop buying such foods and make them myself. I promise after I finish this batch, I’ll make my own cookies and cakes..



Fried chicken

I am trying to be healthy, but I failed. Sigh. I purposely brought along some salads to up my vege intake, but i ended up having fried  chicken for lunch. Upped my happiness level though.

Lunch was with Pik San @ KFC.

Have been craving for Hot & Spicy for a while. It’s so sad to know that they don’t have the one-piece set with mash taters anymore! Only comes with rice, which i decided to bring home.

Chicken was OK, but i think they fried it at a relatively low temperature as it was pretty oily on the inside. I didn’t have the skin, but i did peel of the batter! YUM! The main reason i love hot & spicy is the batter!

Coleslaw, was … meh.. finished it for the sake of finishing it i suppose (i have to stop doing this)

I did finish the salad i brought though.

  • Butterhead lettuce (which reminds me, am out of salad leaves)
  • Red peppers (which i have to finish before it spoils, but i’m still out of salad leaves)
  • plum tomatoes

Along with Honey cider mayo dressing (homemade).

Good way to up the vege in the diet (which i’m really failing!)

No Pepsi Light (KFC is beginning to disappoint me with no this, no that) so i had the Revive.

Well, my body wouldn’t thank me for today’s meal, but my happiness level will offset it. 🙂 Gosh, i’m beginning to sound like a mathematician.

Anyway, i may or may not have a coffee. I’m getting tired of the office coffee.. counting down the hours to 5.30pm!

And i realised, it’s THURSDAY. which means FRIDAY’s coming! I appreciate my friday’s so much now compared to when i was in college!



The whole department couldn’t wait for lunch! Our HOD/partner was treating us lunch @ Dave’s. Dave’s is known for their excellent pastas & pork!

I was excited as i remember the last time i had Dave’s with Samuel! It was delish! The pasta was delish on its own without any sauce. Amazing how they do it.

There were 11 of us there. Photography was difficult though because of the lighting, plus, I think it won’t go down well that i have a food blog. I’m afraid they’d think i’m a lunatic!

I ordered a Chef’s salad (Everything looked so good!)

(sorry for the bad shots. bad lighting) The salad, sad to say, was disappointing. I remembered it presented much better when i had it with my friend. Plus, it promised cashewnuts in the menu, but there were none to be found. Lacking in the crunch department. I was hoping for croutons too. 😦 Maybe the Caesar’s would’ve been a better bet.

My friend, Jade, from my department promised to share the mushroom soup with me. She broke her promise. Mor for me and to take home anyway!

The best part: the accompanying bread!! That was heavenly! I had the whole slice!! This should come with the salad! It’s almost crisp on the inside, but the bread is so divinely soft! And i love the garlic butter (??) inside!! If only they sold this on the side. The soup on the other hand was disappointing. It came COLD. Tastewise was ok. Was creamy and full of blended mushrooms. But the temperature of the soup ruined it. There’s quite abit of leftover.

This is the Spagetthi Carbonara Jade ordered. (She ordered linguini, but spaghetti came, the chef forgot, which i think is not right, as they should replace it instead of bringing us the spaghetti)

I didn’t try any, but I think Jade had a hard time finishing it. Therefore, she broke her promise of sharing th mushroom. I did have a half a slice of a pepperoni pizza the group ordered. Delish. Crust is so good. There is some leftover though!

I’m not sure how much the bill came to, but i’m sure it’s not cheap. Thanks Boss!

Sadly, Dave’s did not live up to my high expectations. But I will try their mains the next time around, like the pork knuckle because the group liked it alot!