Revamp :)

Hi peoplesssss,

Oh gosh, it’s been ages, and yes, I have abandoned blogging for awhile. Work came up. Busy schedules, and guess what, I’m getting married in two months….. Oh Emm Gee… *faints*

Anyway, yeah, getting married, means prepping for the wedding, whether or not the event itself, or myself. So I have been taking care of myself lately. Ok, I lied, maybe I just started the last few weeks. Anyway, better late than never right? 

Yeah, so I know, my blog has always been about food. and only food. Since my interests have grown, why not the blog too? So from now onwards, I’ll probably review about anything and everything that I use. Don’t worry, give me some time. I will categorise and what nt to make live for you easier. 🙂

So one of the beauty..i would rather call it bath products I’ve been using is


Acai Berry body scrub from Guardian. My friend nagged at me for buying i from Guardian, but it was purchased on a whim! 🙂 I saw acai and since Acai has been the hype lately, I thought why not try it? I’m not too sure how body scrubs are supposed to make you feel, but I didn’t feel exceptionally better. The scrubs were quite rough, which I liked. So far I’ve been using twice a week. Not much of  difference. Maybe my friend was right. I’ll probably get a better brand the next time around. 

Shocker alert! I got inspired when stumbling upon Pink Pistachio on Pinterest, and her Well-Rested tutorial. I then watched her Fab in 5 tutorial, and was amazed it could all be done in 5 minutes! So, I couldn’t wait to get all the products and get started. 

First thing I got was the Bare Minerals 6 piece starter kit from Sephora at Paradigm. 

ImageOk, the kit i got from Sephora Paradigm did not include the small brush, and the primer was really tiny. I did have the mineral veil though. I was slightly disappointed because after surfing the net, I found many online stores selling the more “worth-it” version as it had more goodies, for the same price. Oh well, anyway, I’ve been using it everyday for two weeks or so, and people do comment that there is a difference in my complexion. 🙂 However, people said I seemed tanned, which I now feel it is the wrong foundation or the lady matched it to my tanned skin (I just came back from Maldives about a month ago). However, I do feel by using the foundation, warmth all over face color and mineral veil, has made my face much more “flawless” as they would say. Yes, I do have imperfections still, but it has provided great coverage. 

The next thing I would love love love to get is the Naked Basics palette.


MillionDollarBeauty is giving it away and all you have to do is blog about it and link back to her! 🙂 Here’s me trying my luck! 

Stay tuned for more updates, and reviews, and a revamp of the blog!



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