Hi there!

I was PLANNING to wakeup a bit early to go to the park, but sleepiness overruled.

Thus, breakfast was heated up.


Had a peanut puff from Puff garden at Uptown Damansara. Full of ground peanuts! I burnt it abit though, still good. I have to refrain myself from overbuying pastries for breakfast now since I have some cereal to finish at home!


I invested in some Starbucks coffee! This bag cost me RM33. I love nuts, so I guessed I would love this flavour. I requested that the grind half the bag for me so that I can use it for my french press. I’ve been using it over the few days, but forgot to feature it. It’s nice, nutty-ish. Not too strong though. I prefer stronger beans.

I did a run at home since I missed going to the park. While watching Criminal Minds 3 – I get nightmares after watching it, but I still love this series, even more than CSI!

Lunch proceeded with a salad, a scone and an intended yoghurt.


Salada was some butterhead, cherry tomatoes and baby carrots. Butterhead lasts well, thus I prefer it to romaine. Had me salad with some ketchup and homemade dressing. Ketchup is the way to go if you’re lazy like me. 😉


I omitted the yoghurt when I started chomping on my scone. Figured since it’s a cheddar vegetable scone, it had some form of protein, and it was pretty filling. I got it from the Loaf!


I reheated it in the microwave, then the oven, it was a bit soft. I’m not sure if it’s my fault fr reheating it, or the Loaf because it was soft inside, which I don’t think that’s what a scone is supposed to be. I think it’s supposed to be almost biscuit like and crumbly. Instead, it was cake meets bread texture. The texture was a real let down, but taste-wise, it was good. Cheese and vegetable!

And now, I shall proceed to some blog-reading, and maybe clean my room? We’ll see. 🙂


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