I couldn’t get back to bed after the BF left for work, so I decided to get done with my workout, which means it won’t be on my mind for the rest of my day! I ran, but forgot to stretch. Not that I remember half the time.

While running, I saw Samantha Brown on TLC visiting Hawaii! I sooooo want to live there. I’m actually going online now to see if there are any jobs there! 😉

I had a tropical bar for breakfast. I got it from the loaf. It’s very different than “the rock” i had yesterday. The bottom biscuit had a bit of a “crunch” then it had a jam like thing in the middle of tha cake and the bottom, which made it chewy, and the cake. Plus the crunchy slivered almonds on top!


I loved the blend of the flavours as the cake was sweet, but the chewy part was jam-like.


The coffee tools! My very precious bodum french press and an IKEA milk frother. The milk frother was a steal at RM9.90! But I saw one the other day at “Livin’ it up” at 1 Utama, it was in a mug, almost like a french press design, where when you push down the lever (I’m not sure what you call it), the thing will spin and froth the milk! But it was over RM50.. Out of budget compared to the one I have.


No, I didn’t use the 3 in 1. 3 in 1 was for grampa, and the coffee on the right is mine. See the difference in our thinking! I says it’s convenient, I say mine is delish and healthier!


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