Dim Sum Kitchen @ Damansara Uptown

I got the job! I’m super duper happy. I’m starting in May (which grandma’s not so happy about) but at least, I have a job. But the unfortunate thing is that a company that I REALLY REALLY wanted, and submitted my CV for, called today for an interview. But the branch is too far for me. Plus, a bird in hand, is better than none!

We had lunch at Dim Sum Kitchen at Uptown Damansara (it’s the same row as HSBC)

I have to say, their Cantonese style mee hoon (RM5.80) is one of the best. Unfortunately, we forgot to mention fish only, but still, i loved it!


My fav is the bihun which is super crispy. Also, they don’t drench it with the gravy, so it takes a while before it becomes soggy. Thus, I can enjoy the crispiness. The gravy is a tad thick, but still tasty.

This shop also serves up economy rice during lunch time and it gets sold out pretty quick. We were there about 1-ish, alot of the dishes were gone. I had to have some veggies, so this is what i had for RM2.50


Curry potato (with chicken, but I didn’t take any – lent), spinach – slightly too old, and fried egg!

a happy lunch because of the good news!


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