The Loaf

Since me and the BF were headed to Subang Andaman area to have a look see around, I requested that we stopped by Empire Gallery @ Subang so that I could try out some things.

First off, Crispy Popiah Egg Roll with prawn.


This tiny roll cost me RM5.20. The regular popiah skin roll would be RM3, so since it’s egg roll (+RM 0.20) and prawn ( + RM2), it was RM5.20. It tasted good. I think the crispy stuff inside changed, but it’s still nice. Unfortunately, the prawns were tiny. So I think the next time around, I’d rather pay RM3.20 for the normal egg roll, which is still not cheap though.

I insisted that we drop by the loaf! It looks so pretty..Sort of a boutique bakery. I got a few pastries there and signed up for their membership.


This is called “the rock” which I decided to have for lunch. It’s sweet, and crispy on the top, chewy at the bottom. I think it’s made out of croissants or something. It’s belgian, and yummy!

This will be tried over the next day or so. The top is a vegetable scone of some sort and the bottom was a tropical square.


Membership is RM10 for a lifetime. Though there isn’t any nearby for me now, but who nows right? 5% rebate every RM1. And other member-only promos. It is my dream to open up a bakery like this, but as for now, it’s office work with a steady income first.


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