Sunday blues

After a good workout, I had lunch with gramps @ SS2 Hong Lim Teochew porridge shop.


Grandma was daring to order the fish, which thankfully cost RM5.50 only. Once, we ordered one which burned a RM15 hole in grandma’s wallet!


Brinjals – This time around, it wasn’t too salty = good.


Choy poh (preserved vegetable) – yummy especially when eaten with rice. Not salty actually, rather sweet.


Choy Koek (another type of preserved veg – too sour for my liking


Tofu and Salted vegetables.

Total came up to RM22, I guess we expect these kinda prices for teochew porridge. At least I had my brinjals to enjoy!

We went to Giant to check out the good deals they had – Shower foam refills for a dollar and toothpaste for a dollar! But they were gone by the time we were there. And it was only afternoon. Giant should make sure they have sufficient stock when they want to have such promos!

Anyways, I went to Borders @ Curve to wait for the BF to get off work. Sadly, he missed the 4.30 bus, and I waited for another hour for him. Magazines and lattes make great company!

When he finally arrived, we went to KRR – Kenny Roger’s Roasters. I wanted to use a RM 5 voucher I go from the new “B” Card.


I had me a Quarter meal with Corn & Carrot, Garlic Parsley Potato and Garden Pasta salad. it didn’t really meet my expectations, as the chicken didn’t taste that good. The meat itself, I would say, wasn’t well marinated. The corn and carrot was good. But the other two sides disappointed me. The potato I felt would have been SO MUCH better if it was more caramelized. I saw brocs in the pic of the Garden Pasta Salad, but none in mine! 😦


Dear had the same but different sides. Banana muffin and vanilla muffin which we took home.

The best best best part of the night was:

Lecka-lecka! I had Orero’s flavour, but I miss the Famous Amos flavour. Sadly, I thought the Mystyle promo was still on, but I bought the voucher, and turned out that Lecka-lecka had cancelled it, but Mystyle didn’t take any action.

But ice-cream makes anyone happy! Especially eating with the one you love.


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