All my meals were out of home today. Kind of disappointing, because I do like to have a home cooked meal sometimes, but it didn’t mean the food wasn’t good!

Breakkie was at McDoodles – blame the BF (and the voucher!)


All this for RM5.25? Where can you get that? I had the eggs, a muffin and of course, the hash brown (one thing good about blogging, i know realise I have an uneaten apple pie in the fridge)

Lots of banking issues tackled between breakfast and lunch. Meaning lots of headaches. Which led to a healthy lunch at Be Lohas. I really have been wanting to try, and the only person willing to do so with me is the BF. I got a set lunch while the BF got Hailam Rice.

My Nasi Lemak set came with an enzyme drink and vege soup. the drik tasted like apple cider to me.


The BF’s Hailam Rice


I think that’s pumpkin tofu. To me, his dish didn’t look that appetising..


I liked my nasi lemak though. I love the rice. Red rice I think. The taste.. it’s so… nutty, i guess. I love it, even more than brown rice. I’m definitely getting red rice the next time around! the cabbage salad was way too healthily bland for me. Some sort of dressing would’ve been nice. But I found that mixing it with the rice, made a good bland of crunch and taste. The sambal was good. Of course, to me anyhing with onions = good. Sweet and teeny but spicy. The “chicken” was really good. Not too fibrous. Plus, there is no coconut milk / santan in this dish!

Be Lohas,

Uptown Damansara (same row as Tong Kee)

Came home and had a quick nap. We went to the night market to get some fruits and:


Nonya One sambal! Gosh, it’s been an uber while since I had this. So difficult to look for it, and now that I found it (RM12 now compared to previous RM10) I’m gonna be having this in everything!!!!!! Sweet, spicy, crispy and NOT OILY!

I had to have this at dinner @ Yook Tho Yin @ Uptown Damansara. Shared a Cantonese Yee Mee with gramps.


The noodles were quite crispy, but a bit thick for me. The sauce was good. Plus, we had lots of fish since we asked sliced fish only! Yum!

Tomorrow is D-day! Make it or break it at the interview. God help me.



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