yogurt parfait

Yogurt + Granola =


I used a French yogurt, which name I can’t remember. The BF brought is back from his flight. I think it’s Elle & Elle, something like that. I’ll promise to take i down the next time around because it’s soooo good. Creamy and the right amount of sweetness, plus, sugar is not the first, but around the fifth ingredient on the list unlike other brands. Sadly this would set you back about RM5 here in Malaysia. I layered it with some Buckwheat granola which I found from KERF!

Perfect mix for textures!


Had me half of this Cafe Vanilla I got from Coffee Bean after topping up my Coffee Bean card. Yummy, but nothing beats freshly brewed.

Hit the treadmill after two hours, and thus, lunch.


If you noticed, I missed my post for yesterday’s dinner, but here’s a glimpse. White carrot (known as parsnip) soup with free range chicken. Made with love by grandma. Yum. Orange carrots added would have made it even better! I had this small leftover bowl for lunch.


Of course, you need a balance of carbs and protein. Bread sticks (Bread was Low GI bread from Baker’s Inn which I love as it is delicious, healthy and RM4.20!!) slathered with Kaya (kind of the Malaysian version of coconut butter, except that it has eggs!), on one side, and i flipped it and spread it with margarine. You see, I realise that whenever I spread margarine or butter on my bread, and top it with another spread, I can’t taste the “fat spread” which I think wastes the idea of even putting a “fat spread’. Thus, spread the bread both sides!

A scrambled egg. It was too sweet for me, I think Nesvita’s milk (I’ currently have) is a tad sweeter than the regular, which means it’s not too good for scrambled eggs, but fine for french toast.

Off to church soon!


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