Sorry for the delayed post. While waiting for the BF during his 10pm exam at KLIA, I read blogs on his lappie. Since I’m so used to the Windows Live Writer, I didn’t blog. Dinner was a “Dancing Chicken” (I think that’s the name) sandwich from the airport The Bakery (there’s a branch in Ikano)


Sad that it wasn’t fresh though. It’s all made already unlike the branch in Ikano. RM9.90 with 10% off (the BF’s staff price). It was fine, but don’t think it will last long. It won’t because the BF dropped it when we got into the car on the way home. 😦

I brought it to McD’s since that was one of the few 24 hour joints at the airport. I couldn’t resist some fries! I asked for small, the BF thought medium was the smallest! Lol!


We got home pretty late, but it all ended well as he passed! Thank God.

This morning, the BF had to work – flying to Kunming. Breakfast was by my lonesome self as gramps left the house early as usual.


Max was there to accompany me though! 😉


And a coffee to keep me full. Gonna run in a few hours!

Oh and the BF’s flight is delayed. Boo.


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