I had oodles of noodles for lunch today. 🙂

I followed gramps to lunch after my workout. We went to Kayu @ Aman Suria, where I reckon they serve up one of the best Maggi Goreng.


Yum.. Maggi noodles with egg, tofu, vege, and indian “kueh” (which I don’t fancy) topped with house-made fried onions. It is so good that it doesn’t come from a packet – onions, i mean. Fried with a really strong “maggi” flavour. Noodles flavour was totally there.


I couldn’t resist a Nescafe tarik, but sadly, they gave it to me over ice. Oh well, a cold drink for a hot day then! Their kurang manis, is manis to me. Can’t imagine what their regular nescafe is like!



Grampa settled for Nasi Kandar with Fish and Vege (RM6.50). The curry was good, and spicy. I didn’t try the rest, but Grampa finished it, which is a good sign 😉

Came home, lazed around as usual. These are the kinda days when I feel I REALLY should get a job. BF’s flight is delayed, so it’s 8.22pm now, and he’s just on the train back. but dinner will probably be around 930 only because we’d have to go get his car after I pick him up.

I really pity anyone who has an aircraft engineer as a bf. sigh. I pity myself! lol!


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