Salad wraps

I was never, ever, fond of salads. Especially raw salads. I’m fine with pasta salads, potato salads, and once in awhile, really good gourmet salads. But salads I make at home never seem to work. But yesterday, when I wrapped my corn beef with butterhead lettuce, it worked! So lunch today, I tried it with eggs.


Scrambled eggs. Splash of milk, salt and pepper, and some dried parsley which I don’t think made a difference. However, I found that if I do eat ‘em like this over lettuce, I shall do it sans milk, as milk for me lends a sweet tone to the salad + egg mix, which I don’t really like. Yummy cherry tomatoes and carrots with some Planter’s PB. Of course, more was consumed straight up!



Reason why you’re seeing this bread often is because I’m trying to finish it. I bought it awhile back from Joy Bakery @ Taman Megah, and left it in the fridge. So since I have bread & kaya to finish, I’d have it together. Smile


I think I go through phases, where like I’m obssessed with nuts, for one month. Then I’m obsessed with eggs, then coffee. I think I’m obsessed with dessert now. For some reason, I feel like I need dessert after my lunch and dinner! But it’s all good! All-Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie from Crabtree & Evelyn. 😉


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