Today, me and the BF had a look at Subang Andaman. It looked OK, but now I’m worried as when I googled it, turns out it was once an abandoned project. So, it’s a big decision we have to make and figure out.

Anyways, we went to the Desa Park City park and brought Sir Maximus along. 🙂

Came home to a lovely home-cooked meal by my grandma! She’s the best.


I was too lazy to get my cam, so sorry for the lousy iPhone shot.

Top is tofu with minced meat! It’s my fav. The meat is cooked with dark soy sauce and I love the sweet and salty flavout.

Bottom left is “Siew Bok Choy” and Right is stir-fry butterhead. I know “What?!”. My grandma went digging around the vegetable box and realised the siew bok choy isn’t enough. So she must’ve thought my butterhead lettuce waslike romaine, and so she fried it. Though, it did taste like romaine when fried.

I’m still a tad hungry, so I may will go down for dessert in a bit.

I hate decisions, just so you know.



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