All butter chocolate chip cookies

No, I didn’t make them this time. My aunt gave this to me us yesterday.


I had to leave it for last for my lunch. I’m not going to bother about breakfast, because it’s the same Big Breakfast @ McDoodles as yesterday, only different place @ SS2. Gramps are still fascinated about how worth it it is. I did have a good workout after the BF left for work. Somehow, I was awake enough for a workout.

Anywho, lunch was at home. A salad to begin with, this time, with some leaves. Smile

Butterhead, baby carrots and cherry tomatoes. and an apple (NZ Red)


I just realised why they named it butterhead. It actually does feel buttery! Ate it with my homemade dressing. But the carrots had to go with Planters PB! (That’s green tea, in case you’re wondering).


They’re quite good actually, but I do miss my nut butters once in a while.

Also a toast with Lemon Tree kaya.


But an even sweeter ending was this:


Oh yeah, it was all butter alright. Very Englishy biscuit though. It doesn’t come cheap so I was quite excited to try it. Now I’m wondering if it’ll last in this container.


How cute! When I’m in the mood, I DO make my bed.


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