Double C’s

Double C’s for – Creamy Eggs and Cheerios

Woke up super early.. well 6am is super early now that I normally sleep in.. Had a coffee and a snack to hit the treadmill.

Some Creamy protein to build back my muscles.


I heart creamy eggs! well, this was only one egg as I had Cheerios in my mind.

And in a purple bowl!


Cheerios Nut Crunch. My aunts bought it for me for X’mas. Cheerios don’t come cheap in Malaysia.

Also decided to use the milk for Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa

I always find it too thick, and add more water. But it’s still hard to dissolve.


In a Starbucks mug a dear friend of mine got me for X’Mas + B’day!

The BF just got back, slightly late and is flying off again tonight. MAY decide to clean up my room as I had just cleaned the kitchen and I’m so proud of it!!!!! Off to do some blog reading.


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