Another scramble

Before lunch, I had an NZ apple, as I hadn’t decided if I was hungry.


Sweet Red fruit!!!

After that, I decided i WAS hungry!

Lunch called for another scrambled egg. Smile


This time, with milk! Since the BF showed me how good it was to have the salt put on the egg, instead of mixed in, I’ve not salted my egg any other way, well, except for omelettes.

Also a toast (Low GI toast from Chef’s at Bintulu) with Lemon Tree Kaya. I think SS2ians will know about this Kaya. There’s a lady who goes around selling kaya, and she’s real quick, barely gives you any time before you can even tell her if you want it before she walks away. I miss her kaya! It’s so tasty. There’s just something she put in, which makes it different. However, the texture is abit grittier than I remember. Well, I may be wrong. But I still love the taste!

Got something done besides just watching tv..



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