It’s been a while hasn’t it? Well, with all the time I have in the world now (read below), I’ve been reading many blogs, and have been inspired to relive my blog.. one day at a time.

Well, what has been going on lately, you ask?

I’ve finally completed my Ba (Hons) Accounting and Finance degree… with a First Class I must add!! Thank God. I don’t ever think I could’ve done it without Him. So with that, I’m now job-hunting, which is NOT easy at all. It’s hard to take the jump and sign the offer letter when at the back of your mind, you hope that there will be some better. And that’s what I did..

I waited. and waited. and waited. Well, one of the companies I would love to join replied, and I’m going for their final stage soon. Sadly, another company did not shortlist me. I found that out yesterday and was pretty disappointed. I’m wondering where I went wrong. It was actually something I really wanted, but oh well, it could be a blessing in disguise. Oh God, please tell me I’m doing the right thing.

Besides that, I’ve been lazing around, watching lots of tv and reading lots of blogs. I love to read articles about getting organized and neat in the house. But it stops there! I never actually do it. This is because when I do, it lasts for a week, tops! I will try though. I’ve been doing the basic cleaning around the house, but that’s about it. Don’t you ever feel that, you put away something only to be taken out again later? Well, that’s what I feel about cleaning up, folding clothes, and etc. Even bathing Max!

I know this is a food blog, so I AM sorry for not posting about food. One thing though, I went to Shogun yesterday for Granddad’s birthday. It was a good deal because it was free for him as it was his birthday, and half price for grandma as she was a senior citizen. So many old people!! Anyways, gosh, once you’ve tried better buffets, shogun is just… meh..

Shogun had quite a bit of variety, but I could not think of even one item I enjoyed though Granddad did enjoy the salmon. But other than that… the tempura was cold, the sushi lacked creativity of what was already out in the normal jap restaurants. The cod fish was okay only. Jogoya had better ones. No soft shell crab!! But I doubt it would have been nice anyway as tempura was cold. Many of the dishes which I liked they took off the menu. Most of the Asian dishes were cold. The dessert… only three types of cakes, none of which were good. Not even the fruits..

I will choose Rakuzen or Jogoya or Tenji any other day. So sad to see one of the first Japanese buffets out there to have their standards drop so bad.

However, the day before yesterday, was the BF’s off day. yay! One of the rare off days because he has to do OT nowadays. We went to Outback Steakhouse for lunch. We were contemplating where to eat for our “date”. It was down to Victoria or outback and we heard Victoria is not as good anymore, so we settled for Outback.

It was great that they had value-for money set lunch which came to an appetiser, drink and main.

I chose the House Salad.


Romaine, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, croutons, and cabbage. With some kind of spicy mayo based dressing. It was better than what I expected since it actually had cheese and croutons!


BF had the potato soup. Super duper cheesy! I actually would’ve preferred this over the salad.


Typhoon Bloom (RM15.90). Yums!!! This is why I love steakhouses like Tony Roma’s and Outback. I love the onion loaf. I love onions. Unfortunately, it was pretty oily, so I took home some so that I don’t overload on the grease.

My main was Fish and Chips (RM17.95). I wanted crab cakes but it wasn’t on the set, so this seemed more worth it.


Portion was pretty small, but I couldn’t finish it. Probably it was because I couldn’t stomach the grease! It was alright, but it felt too fishy to me.

BF’s main was Teriyaki Beef Skewers (I can’t recall the price but it’s about RM30).


Surprisingly, though it was well done, the meet was tender! And yummy for that matter. Not really teriyaki, but still good. Outback has never failed us with their beef. Note the prices are the set prices.

Overall, Outback didn’t disappoint. Service was excellent too. However, the highlight for me was our visit to Espressamente illy.


If I had known they served food, I would’ve come here to eat! The cups here look so pretty but too expensive! RM700 for a set of 6 or so.

I had a Muggacinno.


Yum! Seriously, beats Starbucks any time! If they opened somewhere near my place, I would go here everyday!


BF had a latte! This won’t be my last visit for sure!

I’m heading out for Ash Wednesday mass. Ta!


2 thoughts on “Long

  1. so glad to see you back at blogging!! keep it up!

    and, dont worry about the job, it’ll all work out in the end. you totally deserve it.


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