T-1 day

Today, is officially one more day to my trip to Bali. Note that I will be MIA between 3rd – 7th!

Brekkie this morning was with the BF (By the way, I didn’t manage to stay up. I was too bored!)


Italian coffee with Iced Coffee maker.


Butter cake, which I forgot to picture, but managed to do so before I ate my fav part! The sides!


This is the reason why I never eat cakes, and prefer cereal or oats. It feels like it’s not enough although the cals are surely more! So i had a cookie!! Brown butter cookie i made recently!

Watched some TV and worked out.

Lunch followed suit. Since gramps were out, i made my lunch: Luncheon meat sandwich (leftover luncheon meat)

  1. toast the bread
  2. spread mayo on the bread.


3. Layer on some salad leaves, and then the luncheon meat, as many or much as you like


4. OK, this is my preference. I decided to open the jar of wholegrain mustard to try. So i spread it on the other piece of bread (I used High 5 Wholemeal)


Why is it on a rack you ask? To prevent the water vapour (as a result of the heat from the toasted bread) to soggy-fy the bread.


Now, lay the mustard-ised bread on the other layers. And EAT!


The mustard gave it a really tangy flavour! It’s a bit weird, but i just really wanted to try!


Kiwi-licious. while watching Pride & Prejudice which nearly killed me of borderm. Not my type of show!

Tonight, it’s time to prep for BALI!!


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