You are the apple of my eye

Kicked off breakfast with an apple while waiting for the BF! It’s amazing how some guys take a longer time to get ready than a girl! SDC11703

We went to Friend’s Cafe in Kepong for breakfast. I’m not a big fan of this place because I find the food unappealing. But the BF claims the Teh C is really nice.


I had the Teh C special, it was alright.


Everything was so chinese for breakfast, so i went with a PB French toast, and it failed. Fine, it was loaded with peanut butter, but it wasn’t eggy enough, plus, Yut Kee’s is tons better! I ate.. half?

Came home, I’m not sure what we did, but time sure flew by and soon enough, I was preparing lunch. Well, the Bf helped! I prepped the veges, he prepped starch and protein.


I made a warm salad of 1.5 green peppers, yellow & red plum tomatoes, one onion and mushrooms courtesy of Akak Jean.

Tossed them with OO, S&P, Oregano.

Had a dab of butter here and there too..

Sadly, it was not as good as i hoped it would be. It wasn’t cooked long enough i supposed. And the mushrooms had a bitter taste. Anyone has any idea on that? Is it because it wasn’t cleaned well enough?


This was baking in the oven at the same time. Tesco chips. Somehow, this didnt’ work though it worked before. As in, it didn’t turn brown enough. I still prefer the Tesco oven chips.


I heated this up too. Something from the vegetarian shop a while back (don’t judge!). It wasn’t too good. So chewy! (I’m not sure what this is called, in case you’re wondering)


The BF’s scramble. Two tesco sausages, 2 eggs (i presume) and mushrooms. Was alright. Bitter taste of the mushrooms weren’t around in this dish.. hmm.. Tesco sausages are not too shabby mind you! They were pretty good!


Had an Ahmad Jasmine Green Tea to wash everything down!

The BF is napping for his night shift tonight, and i’m planning on a run after he leaves!


2 thoughts on “You are the apple of my eye

  1. maybe the mushroom u cook too long or something. u can add a little bit of sugar/vinegar/balsamic for ur salad next time 😀

    hey if u like mushroom
    try balsamic vinegar n mushroom fried on pan with some s&p
    prettyyyy orsum!!!
    i think u can add a bit of cream but XDDDD

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