Healthy, then unhealthy

I was healthy in a way that I ran today, and it felt easier than before! I love running outside! Running on the mill gets me bored and more tired, but I still need it for rainy/busy days. And boy, I almost thought my running plans were ruined due to the afternoon rain! But thank God, it finally stopped and me & gramps went to Waterfront @ Desa Park City! Fun! And i finally got to use my expiring GNC voucher today.

Dinner was “across the toll” since LDP is toll-free for today! YAY MERDEKA! Hehe. Yet, we couldn’t decide where to eat. Since Murni was packed, we went to Chow Yang, otherwise known as Mee Yoke Lim in SS2.

I had a CKT-Char Kuey Teow, which is the unhealthy part of the night.


CKT is getting expensive! RM5 with an extra egg (0.0)

It was good, nonetheless. It had wok hei, and 3 or 4 prawns. Spicyness was just nice. Sadly, there was no fried tang hoon as i prefer that.

We headed to Giant as there were Good MERDEKA deals there. I saved RM12!! Yay!!

Plan for tonight: I’m going to try to stay up tonight, since tomorrow, gramps will be out, and the BF is coming home to sleep. So I plan to stay up, and sleep when the BF comes back to sleep! Smile 

Stuff to do:

  • pack for Bali
  • Iron clothes
  • Clean room

Hmm, don’t think this will keep me up though! Will see.


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