I didn’t consume lunch today! I just wasn’t truly hungry. I cooked dinner, and after cooking, i ate some snack.


Red apple.. not sweet sadly.


This was sweeet. I love Yut Kee butter cake. I wish they made individual slices so that each slice would be an “end” slice. Smile But I know it’s gonna cost more. This already cost me RM1/slice.

And yes, if you noticed, i cooked. Just to help out since gramps were pretty fagged out from this morning’s walk. But sadly, i failed. Everything was too salty, though noone dared to criticize it much.


Cabbage in anchovy stock. Too much anchovy granules! Otherwise it would’ve been fine.


Prawns in black bean sauce. I actually believe that there is an overload of onions this time (this is coming from an onion-lover, mind you). And i think i shouldn’t have added any salt to the prawns!


No, i didn’t eat this little. I had seconds for sure! But i think it got jelak after a while due to the saltiness. I need to prevent my hand from reaching the salt jar the next time i cook!

The BF’s not feeling too well right now. So i think it’s an early night for him to rest! Plus, i’m feeling sleepy too!


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