My love.

This morning, gramps were pretty gungho about heading to Waterfront. I actually thought I would be heading there on my own, but they wanted to take a walk.

I managed to get a nice 20 minute run-it’s getting easier!

Saw so many cute dogs and a golden.

I thought gramps wanted to go to a nearby coffeeshop, so i ended up with a Skinny Vanilla Latte from Coffee Bean. I never learn, do i? I promised myself that since I have french Press, I won’t buy any more expensive coffees, as I can make them on my own, but I never learn. RM12.20 was downed within 15 minutes!


Would have rather spent that on 4 of these!


Oh yes! We went to Yut Kee for breakfast! Yum! I need to experiment how they make this french toast! It’s almost crisp on the outside! I think the key is to deep fry it!


Pork Chop. Today, gramps said it was OK only. The pork wasn’t too tender, yet, they said you can’t get such good tasting pork chop anywhere but here.

We went to 1 Utama, but failed AGAIN on the mission to buy Granma some comfy slippers. Oh well. It’s 3.22pm, and I’m still not hungry for lunch. Late 10.30am breakfast maybe? I may have an apple.. or something.



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