Grandma’s intention of heading out to One U was to buy a pair of slippers. In the end, we end up lunching at Subway (somewhere she doesn’t like-but she got to eat at Little Cravings) and shop for zipper bags at Cold Storage!

Me and Granda had the sub of the day “seafood and crab” which came with a FREE drink (Ramadhan promo). Mine was with Honey Oat bread, but Grandpa (the whole wheat hater) had Italian.


RM7.50 with a drink, pretty decent. Seafood and crab-it was meh.. It felt strange. May be it’s because I’m not a big fake crab person! It just felt too fake crab like. I would’ve preferred a chicken teriyaki. I only ate half as this was HUGE! saving some for tomorrow! Winking smile

We took the sandwich to Little Cravings as there’s some food which Grandma likes there.


I shared a Red bean soup… or rather, i wiped out the red beans from two bowls of red bean soup! So much yummy delicious protein! Winking smile

Came home, washed the toilet (Yuck) and had me a kiwi (yum!)



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