Berry on berry

This morning, was super difficult for me to get up. Not sure why. But I had to as I had an appointment with Akak Jean to the Waterfront @ Desa Park City.

Akak Jean walked while i jogged for about 20 mins. Had a Chipsmore before that.

Came home to some papaya


I couldn’t decide on breakfast (was contemplating while consuming the papaya). I was low on milk, and refused to buy any till the prices come down (I HOPE and pray!).

So i settled on a yoghurt parfait!

  • Layer 1: Tesco Maple Pecan Crisp
  • Layer 2: Anlene Yoghurt

(Click on pic for source)

  • Layer 3: Strawberry yoghurt muesli (note the berry yoghurt on berry muesli Smile)
  • Layer 4: Yoghurt
  • Layer 5: More muesli
  • Layer 6: Tesco Maple pecan Crisp


Doesn’t it look good? Especially with the cookies from yesterday as the background!

YUM! I really prefer yohurt parfaits to yoghurt mess. It just looks better and funner to eat! Plus, it doesn’t take any effort at all!

I also had a cookie before the run.

I just bathed, and may wash the bathroom later!



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