50% birthday “privilege” @ Sakae Sushi

Privilege was in “” as I was kind of ripped off. When they showed me the phamplet, it showed 50% discount during my birthday month. When we went, it was 50% rebate which goes into your card. so it’s something like, if you spend RM100 @ sakae, you got RM50 voucher. I felt kinda bad because then, we had to spend MORE money than intended as we only noticed this after ordering. sigh. Anyway food was ALOT considering the bill came to RM89 (RM10 or so was TAX <wth!> )


Grandpa’s first order! I think he’s been craving this for a really long time. Octopus. I think today, i realise how expensive Sakae is. Everything is like RM5.90, RM1.90 or so, so you always think it’s RM5 something, when it’s actually RM6. =.= Japanese restaurants are rip offs sometimes because I think something so small doesn’t COST that much!


Raw salmon.. They became smaller!


Ura Maki for me! I like this because it has my fav elements 2 in one, raw salmon and *went down to watch Ms Universe for a bit!* salmon skin!


The BF’s Garlic fried rice-RM5.90. It was alright. Not too bad! Garlicky!


Kakiage. We had 5 of these. But they were pretty small compared to the ones at One U branch.


Soft shell crab. It was very small for RM9.90. The plate LOOKS big but it’s because of the dipping sauce. It was meh..


I quite like this. Breaded pumpkin. But more tartare sauce please!


I didn’t know what this was, but I just took it anyway. Soon after, I realised it was salmon head. I didn’t like it much as it was fattie and gooey, but grandpa enjoyed the “eyeball” *cringe*!

The bill came to a RM89 something, but i have RM40 or so in my card to use. Sigh, i would rather have the rebate IMMEDIATELY. oh well. As usual Grandma doesn’t like japanese, so she didn’t have much. She insisted on heading to Sweetchat for dessert as there was sweet potato soup there.


Me & the BF shared a Herbal Treasure Soup RM5.90. It was ok. Filled with “Lius”. I like that there is sweet potato inside there. A tad too sweet though.


A very gingery sweet potato soup. Grandma likes it because it’s cut up into cubes. It wasn’t cheap though-RM5.00. The bowl may look big, but there wasn’t many sweet potatoes inside.


Mango Mountain RM5.90. It was really mangoey! And had lots of sagos. It should be mixed well though. Because there were parts where it was just ice while the bottom part was super sweet! No wonder gramps like it!

The bill came to about RM20. Quite pricey though. I’d rather make my own homemade sweet potato soup!

Went home super stuffed and sleepeh!


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