French toast & Milo

Ultimate comfort food. Smile


Before that, an apple to start my morning. Heard that it should be eaten before meals to keep you fuller.

I had my apple while the bread was soaking in some eggs!


The Key, i realised, is time-to soak ‘em french toast, and butter to fry up the french toast.


Sadly, with those two keys.. it could not replicate Yut Kee’s french toast!! Sad smile 

Somewhat satisfied my craving for it, but i think another key, is to deep fry it. which will clog my arteries if i do it all the time!

  • 1 egg
  • salt
  • sugar
  • splash of milk

Soak the bread in it for a while. Butter the frying pan, place the soaked bread on the pan @ medium heat. When it browns, flip. When the other side browns, serve, and enjoy!


Also had something different than coffee today. Milo! Since we opened this new tin Mom bought for us from Singapore. It is the Aussie recipe, which is creamier!


I needed some Equal though, but without it would be fine too.

I’m off to a workout.. soon.. after digesting!


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