2nd last

Today is my second last day of work! Of my internship really. I’m so delighted. Well, delighted because I get to go back to doing what I love, staying at home and doing nothing, but I will sure miss some of my seniors!

Brekkie today was special! (See, I AM trying to change it up! Smile)


Yum, my favourite waffle from Sun Moulin. RM2.50 it cost me. If only i had a waffle maker which could make something like this. (Even if i had, i think i would be too lazy!) I love that it’s so crusty and yet dense!! YUM! Sweetness is so right there, that you don’t need anything for it!


Green green kiwi.


I like french men coffee. Smile with tongue out French press my dear!


Tesco Italian roast!

Off to work I went! Work was busy-ish at times of the day. But time was sloooow after lunch, though I was pretty busy after 5. Lunch was with my seniors, since Pik San dumped me today! Which meant that either I be miserable and spend money (since I didn’t bring anything) or be happy and enjoy my final lunch with my seniors and spend money. Smile

Lunch @ Charms.


Again, I discreetly took this pic, therefore I don’t have many shots. I ordered a Fried Mung Bean (Tang Hoon) with seafood. RM13.90 (0.0) It was a bit pricy, but oh well. It was decent, had a good four prawns, and some squid. The taste was there, but forgettable. I can’t even remember it now like I still remember Cheerios! Had a good time chatting up with my seniors, whom i’m sad to say i won’t be seeing one of them anymore. I’ll still be seeing a few on Monday.

Gramps and the BF picked me up and we headed to Shiang Hee for dinner. There were some “new” (to us at least) on the table. 


Brinjals fried with Ha mai (shrimp).


Fried onion steamed tofu. The sauce goes well with rice! Saltyish and has that lovely fried onion taste!


This has got to be my fav so far! Fried prawn Mantis (RM12). I don’t know why it’s called Trassi to them. anyway, i chose the oats style of cooking. It’s quite different hear at Shiang Hee as the deep fry the oats instead of toast it, so it gets kinda clumped up. But it’s still good. Sweet and saltyish with a little bit of curry powder. I love the mantis prawns. I don’t know why. I guess it’s deep fried. Yums.


Assam fish, deep fried Fei Xao. It’s alright. Not the typical Assam found at Yong Tao Fu shops. It’s quite sour. Not the best. I still prefer their sweet and sour. And this time around, the fish wasn’t crispy enough.

The bill came to RM44.90 which is pretty decent. Considering there was fish + mantis.

We then headed to Tesco @ Kepong Village mall to stock up on some pantry items. Milk, sad to say still costs RM5.79. Sigh. Am still waiting and hoping price will fall (FAT HOPES)

Well, i’m off to some apple soon (i hope) and an early night? The BF is fasting tomorrow.. so it would be quite a boring day in terms of food as i’ll be cooking for one. Ta!


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