3 in one

Enough riddles please. Smile

Today is “charity shopping hunt” for my office. And as a VT, I was forced allowed to join. That meant we get half a day off. But I totally forgot about it till I entered the lift. Anyways, my post today will be a 3in1 as I had no time!



A wonderful New Zealand apple-from the fridge. I’m beginning to prefer “cold” fruits now. the hot weather maybe?

I couldn’t decide between cereal and toasted nestum, So i had both! SDC11625

Burnt toasted Nestum along with some Blueberry morning cereal.SDC11626

Portion of milk today was from Joe.


Max was so delighted when he saw Grandma holding bread =.=SDC11628SDC11629

And of course wanted more!


Gramps took me to work today. Work was fun(ish). My morning was totally busy till we had to free ourselves from work for the Charity shopping hunt! Which was fun. We discussed the riddles over lunch @ Yishensu. I had to discreetly take my pic without my seniors knowing, as I’m too lazy to explain and gain weird looks when I tell them I have a food blog.

I wasn’t interested in their set lunch, so i had the Nasi Rendang, swapped the santan rice for brown rice.


It was alright. But way too little Rendang for RM10! Not worth the money. The taste was definitely there though. I love the seaweed crisps they used to replace anchovies. However, I didn’t like the guy who served us. He was like acting so bossy, especially when I asked to swap for brown rice. He gave me a look, as if it was the most difficult thing in the world to do. And he was like, “ Err, haiya.. will charge you RM0.80 for it”. I’m like, sure, i’ll pay, but you don’t have to be so rude. And I’m not sure if they’re even supposed to charge me for it. When he took our orders, he was terribly rude too! It was just the way he talked i supposed.

The Charity Hunt was fun. We managed to find most of the stuff, but it wasn’t easy. I’m not sure if we’re getting any prizes as I didn’t join the dinner in order to join my gramps for dinner.

We dinnered at Kayu SS2.

I had a Double Taste Sun Moulin Sandwich which was meant for lunch but I didn’t consume.


This cost me RM6. I thought is was RM3.50 until they told me the amount. (I spent so much money today, including RM10 on a pepsi light when i had drinks with my senior at TGIF!)

The sandwich was OK. One “Taste” was ham with egg mayo while the other was ham and tuna. It was fine, but i can easily make this at home for much less.

I had my fair share of Roti Tisu too.


And I’m stuffed! I hope my food will digest by 8.30pm so that i can fit in a workout before bed! Ta!


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