Lunch was upstairs… Upstairs Cafe & Bakery I mean. It’s at SS2/66, opposite the row of One Noodle, strategically located upstairs of the coffee shop (Hock Seng Lee) corner. Next to “Brothers” BBQ meat, same row as Digi. Enough landmarks? I hope so. 🙂

This place was recommended by Akak Jean & Akak Carol, though I’ve spotted it before. I never bothered to try as it looked very dark from the inside, and below the signage says “Happy Hour” which reminds me of a bar. So I never really bothered till Akak Carol told me there was frech toast and tuna melts there!!!!

Even more delighted when I found out they serve Illy (Illy sign on the door).

Hence it was a necessity to order the coffee! Illy caramel latte @ RM6.90. Quite decent price considering it was a good serving. Amount of caramel used is just nice, as there was caramel flavour, but not so sweet that it’ll give you diabetes. I added a wee bit of sugar, but it was not needed.

I have been craving for french toast since I had it at Yut Kee.

I ordered the traditional french toast RM3.90. RM4.90 for other types, i.e. Apple, Banana OR PB French toast, which is very interesting. They actually don’t mind swapping white bread for whole meal bread for you, but they ran out of wholemeal bread today (??) But I just wanted to test them out, and see if they can compare to Yut Kee. Sadly, no. Presentation is salivating, but to be frank, Yut Kee’s french toast has something about it. I feel it’s that the bread soaks up ALL the egg, so when you cut through it, you can see the yellowness of the egg. Noone seems to replicate that, not even me. Plus, i think Yut Kee deep fries the bread, while Upstairs, and many others (including me), pan fry it.

I love the cinammon and sugar topping though. They promised maple syrup and butter, but no butter was served.

Overall, french toast was… ok.. I would like tho try their sandwiches (since they have it served with wholemeal bread) and also their smoked salmon and egg.

The BF got a chicken chop (RM12.90).

Chicken was alright. I had some of the batter. The sauce was decent too. Fries were thick cut (fav) but it had a VERY yellow color to it and i’m not sure why. I think they should’ve salted the fries though. Hash brown was a greedy added order by me. 🙂 Crisp on the outside. Yum.

This place is a good place to hang out, and i didn’t know they had WIFI! Which is awesome. Will come back here definitely for the coffee and to try the other sandwiches. Problem: parking.

I’m not stuffed.. I don’t know why, i didn’t feel full at all the whole day. Hmm.. But dinner tonight is with the family (including aunts!)



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