Porridge, durian. not together

Akak Jean gladly (i hope.. sorry for troubling!) fetched me from work today and picked gramps up to have dinna with her and Akak Carol (thanks for the ride!)

We dropped by SS2 Hong Lim Teochew Porridge as we were proceeding to some where near for “dessert” (some Malaysians would know this though)


We ordered lots! Clockwise from 7 o’clock

  • Braised Tofu: I thought it was ok, maybe it needed to be saltier/tastier?
  • Fish (Threadfin): a fav among the family. It was better when we ordered the second round as it was just cooked. Love the fried ginger on top
  • Hamai sambal-shrimp sambal: VERY spicy.. not crunchy. but still somewhat addictive
  • Braised eggs: Overcooked and hard
  • Peanuts: Yum!! Nicceee


That’s the fried egg i got for myself. It was too salty, but i guess it’s because I didn’t eat it with rice. Next to it is the brinjals me and gramps love so much, but sadly, this was what’s left and no fresh ones came.

Dessert (not for me) was stinky durians just a couple of steps away. Yuck! The family, excluding me, managed to eat RM84 of durians from the Pahang Durian stall!

I had a nicer smelling fruit back home:


Apple! New Zealand apples from the morning market. Yum.

I’m satisfied. not overly full. And off to bed soon! No morning workout tomorrow, but maybe a night one? We’ll see!



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