Boring morning

Sorry for the boring title, but:

  1. I’m running out of titles, especially when breakfasts are the same!
  2. It’s really boring, and i rather be at home right now.

Breakfast, wasn’t boring for me, but sure you’re bored of seeing my cereal. But i’ll try to change about! 🙂 I just really miss my blueberry mornings.

Yum! I just love this. And i guess you’ll be seeing it around as i cant fit anymore cereal in the fridge. Note: I put cereal in the fridge so that it doesn’t get soft. I PUT anything in the fridge so that it won’t get soft.

Yum! So delighted to find more clusters in it today.

But strangely, this morning I was pretty hungry, not enough fruits the day before?

So i had my share of fruit today.

Zespri KIWI! Sweeettt..

Had it with my friend, Joe.

I’ve been filling my body with this lately:

It’s really sweet, though it supposedly is free of preservatives and suger. It’s to up my defense from any sickness whatsoever, especially, snce my senior is sick… and i’m heading to Bali. If i hadn’t a trip plan in the coming 2 weeks, I wouldn’t be so cautious. But I DO have Bali coming, so I pray that I don’t fall sick or catch any bug. At the same time, consume every vitamin possible. Akak Jean recommends probiotics. But it’s quite expensive. i’ll think about it.

See ya!

Note, i feel that i have a funny taste in my mouth right now. had a mint which didn’t help. but may think about having a cookie. reasons to have a cookie, no?


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