Shih Lin Taiwan

I failed once again, to try to be healthy. I did bring a salad to work..

It was a good salad, but my lunch was too big to consume this salad as part of my vege.. maybe save it for the BF?

The big lunch i was talking about was at Shih Lin Taiwan Snacks @ 1U New wing with Pik San. We’ve been talking about coming here for the bento set since last week, and finally came this week.

We both got the bento set, which is not THAT cheap.. RM10.80 per set which comes with a drink.

Pik San got the Fish set, i had a bite. Was quite nice. The Bento set comes with rice, half an egg, a smidget of vege (unless of course, you order the vege set like i did).

I got the vege set. Which is basically 2 varieties of deep fried mushrooms, sweet taters.. i’m not sure if there’s any other variety of vege which i didn’t notice.

The veges were super crunchy! I love the sweet tater the most! But it was so crunchy! It wasn’t soggy at all. Which is so important when it comes to deep fried food. Well, most important is that it is not too oily (impossible, i know) but apparently, if you fry it at a certain temperature, the food should not absorb the oil.

The rice was topped with some sauce (which i found abit to black peppery.

I’m not a big fan of white rice, so i just ate the parts of the sauce. I would have preferred a rice-less bento. 🙂

Overall, i suppose they are good at deep frying! Love the crunch, may come back for more… BUT, it is a bit pricy! For deep fried vege? Maybe i’ll just stick to their sweet tater fries!

There’s quite a bit of work today but I do hope to leave at 5.30!



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