What is you motivation? In anything you do? It could be someone, something… Well, for me, it is my trip to Bali, which is my motivation to eat healthily, and hopefully lose a pound or two in less than 2 weeks (o.o) which is close to impossible, especially for me when you are faced with delicious home-cooked food as these:


Brocolli + carrots

I heart brocolli.. because it’s a hardy vege. I love veges which can be eaten in chunks. Therefore, i love starchy veges. But brocs are my favourite as it is not so starchy. It’s an extremely healthy GREEN veg.

Stir-fried with garlic, and lots of anchovy stock granules! YUM!

Next up is the Senangin/Threadfin fish grandma wanted to try. She wanted to try a Nonya recipe, a twist from the plain ol’ sweet and sour


Well, it tastes almost alike to the sweet and sour style. Except it’s less thick (sauce). I HEART ONIONS. So good. But I think my stomach had too many, and I’m stuffed! Grandma knows best.

We reheated some of last night’s chicken and some brown rice to go with this. OK, maybe brown rice was unnecessary, but i had it anyway.

Note: Do not reheat your rice for too long or else it will dry out like mine did.

I planned for a KIWI but i think i’m kinda stuffed. We’ll see about it later!


2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. unfortunately i have no motivation which is why i’m lying here watching jane austen stories as told by the bbc instead of doing my assignment (1000k word) due tmr.

    and, btw, i love broccoli too, it’s my favourite vege!!


    • haha! I have no motivation if i don’t do morning runs. which i kinda plan on cutting down. sigh.. oh well.. YEA! I read about brocs in your bloggies..

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