Good looking breakfast

I think morning runs are getting the best of me. It’s wearing me out, but i guess i’ll do it not everyday. One thing good is that i get to totally forget about the run the rest of the day.

Preworkout was a yummy Chipsmore – something to get me looking forward to in the morning.

Workout was a 21 minute 9.4km/h. Trying to get my timings runs faster! But i find it difficult to run long on treadmills.

Breakfast was pretty today! I’m so proud of it!

Today’s breakfast was totally random as I really needed to use up my expired yoghurt (GUILTY). So i figured, why noe a nice yoghurt parfait!


  • Bottom: Breyers Lemon Chiffon Yoghurt
  • Tesco Maple Pecan crisp
  • Yoghurt
  • Bokomo Strawberry yoghut muesli
  • yoghuty
  • Topped with leftover Muffin Top (Banana Walnut) from famous Amos

I’ll definitely be making this again! So much more fun than yoghurt messes (but not saying that yoghurt messes aren’t as yum!)

Joe wasn’t made from the LOVELY french press, but made from an iced coffee maker (about that another day).

All together now:

I really never had such a good looking breakfast!

My senior is sick, and she sits right opposite me! I hope i don’t CATCH anything! Bali trip ahead! Need to be well! Am gonna double up on my Vitamins!



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