I’m sorry if I’m being a downer. I just feel that some things are just plain unfair in life. The BF takes the bus to work. He tries his very best to take the 7.15 bus back, but even though he’s there BEFORE 7.15, the bus is gone. and note, this is not public bus. And when he asks the guy who is “in-charge”, he says it’s recorded that the bus arrived on time. Fine, if the bus, does so call reach on time @ 7.15, shouldn’t the bus take some time, maybe at least 5 minutes to let the passengers get on to the bus? The BF didn’t even see the bus like leaving/moving away when he reached. Sigh, I know. It sounds silly for ME to be frustrated, but it gets kinda difficult when you’re with someone who leaves home at 6am and comes back at 9pm. Wouldn’t you wish he/she could come back as early as possible? Note, i’m not pissed off with the bf, just with the bus driver! I think Malaysia is hopeless in terms of public transport, maybe even “Bas pekerja” though it’s not public transport. Any type of buses.

Sigh, on other matters, run was alright at the Waterfront. But I have to admit, it gets kinda creepy when you’re alone and it’s early. There was noone running there yet, but some people hanging around. But the later it got, there were some people around.

I did maybe 20 minutes of run. The heat was killing me! Headed back home to some delish dinner from the Gramps!


Siew Pak Choy-chopped, blanched and stir-fried with garlic


Chicken in dark soy sauce. Yum. i definitely wanted more of the sauce!


I opened up the pack of brown rice i got today from Tesco. Somehow, though brown and white rice has most probably equal cals, I only eat brown rice. Somewhat makes me feel that what’s going inside of me is better (says someone who loves deep fried foods.)


My portion, but i definitely went back for more!


I’m sure the fat one wanted some too. Smile


I had me some dessert (which left me no room for kiwi which i had planned). Some green bean and sweet potato soup which i made couple of days ago.

Now, i’m waiting for the BF. and feeling kind of frustrated. Maybe i’m off to read a book. See you in the morning.


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