Tortilla Egg Wrap

Lunch today was committed to being healthy, after all the unhealthy food over the Friday + Saturday.

Today, I decided to go ahead with a Nature’s Bake wrap i’ve been eyeing. Wrap is always more interesting than your regular bread.

I had a late lunch, around 2 ish (?)


An apple pre-lunch while thinking of what to put into the tortilla..

Super easy:

Scrambled up two eggs with S&P to taste.

Bring out your tortilla.

Squeeze ‘em up some Mayo (I used Heinz light)

Note: Click on image to see link

Layer on some veges of your vege intake of the day..

On top of the veges goes yer scrambled eggs..


Wrap it however you want. I realised i stuffed it too much so much so that it was kinda hard to wrap up the sides. Now i know why maybe they have a reason for skimping on the ingredients outside.




Super easy, and nutritious. Oh, and after wrapping it, i put it on the pan i used to cook the egg, to heat up the wrap, hoping that way it would stick together (kinda did). But if you manage to make it hold to each other, you can even roll the wrap around the pan so that the whole tortilla is toasted up!


It’s 4.20pm, and i’m supposed to head out for a run! See ya!


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