Overnight oats with muffin top!


This morning, i woke up to send the BF off to work (so sad that he works on Sunday!) and managed to sleep till 9am! YAY! This morning called for some overnight oats.

Sad to say that i didn’t like this flavour. Yes, low in cals for a pretty big tub, but a no-no for this flavour. Too tart. If you like tart yogurts, maybe this is for you. But i would like to try the vanilla bean if it’s in Malaysia.

Topped it with:

  • Some bokomo strawberry yoghurt muesli
  • Muffin Top from Famous Amos-Banana walnut flavour


I used 1/4 of it, i didn’t really like this though. I felt it was under cooked. (there seems to be alot i don’t like in the ingredient list today)


All mixed up, and served up with a teaspoon of PB.


French press, i love you. Smile I added some more Tesco Maple pecan and crisp as i felt that toppings weren’t enough.

Off to Tesco with the gramps!


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